15 genius closet hacks for girls that will keep your wardrobe organized

9. Fold everything well, even your undergarments:

Learn to fold your tees, leggings, tights and even your undergarments like a pro and store them in separate drawers to keep them in order. It’ll hold less space and let your closet look great and ship-shape.

undergarments hacks

10. Arrange your clutches in magazine file stand:

Use of magazine file stand to store your corral clutches is a great idea. You can easily add the stand to your closet shelves to properly organize your clutches.

clutches hack

11. Use soda can tabs to hang more hangers at one spot:

The cleverest hack of all! Start collecting the soda can tabs to keep your closet in little order, especially if your closet has less space. You can use the can tabs to create double coat hangers, to keep your shirts and pants all together in uniform order. It also prevents the hangers to bunch up on the rod, thus giving your closet some tidy looks.

hangers diy

12. Use chains or S-hooks for the same purpose:

Got some chain or extra S-hooks? Well you can also use them to add some vertical space in your closet and hang your tees and tops girls.

s hooks diy

13. Organize your jewelry as well:

Don’t forget to treat your jewelry with the same amount of love as your closet. Of course it’s also a kind of crucial stuff for us because yes! girls love jewelry. So arrange your jewelry in separate compartments, so it’d be easier for you to locate them as well as it adds up to the stunning look of your closet over all.

organize jewelry

14. Use mount cutlery trays to arrange your jewelry:

You can also use mount cutlery trays to arrange your necklaces, earrings and studs in your closet with this exquisite look.

jewelry hacks
via maillardvillemanor

15. Hang your clothes according to the color order:

Last but not the least, For the finishing touch, arrange your clothes in your closet according to their color. Now you’ve a ready color palette of your clothes in front of you and now you can easily pair up your accessories with clothes. Plus, now you’ll never forget even a single piece of your clothing.

closet hacks
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It must feel like a dream come true, isn’t it right girls? Having your closet so organized with that stunning looks. So do organize your closet girls, your own little paradise, where everything is arranged and perfect as you want it to be.