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There’s over thousands of websites who have articles right? Well what makes us unique? Our simple answer to that lies in our dedication to bring something new to you. Soul-less and bland websites are a plenty on the internet, and we want to stay away from making content you won’t enjoy. Our tight-knit team of writers are more than just writers, they’re personalities! We bring you well researched and personally tested content, often offering a fresh perspective on things that you like or want to buy. From self-created completely unique hacks and clever ways to do things you want to a brand-new take on a new game that you won’t find anywhere. We have it all.

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After years of being unhappy with the current state of article websites on the internet, we wanted to take things into our own hands, and do it right. Often times other websites have watered-down articles with no emotion or depth, that don’t offer anything of value and are too stuck into a corporate mind-set to say the truth. We are not scared. We will tell you the way things are.