Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness tips and party guide

Recently the newest DLC content for Darkest Dungeon just came out! It’s a fun an extremely challenging one. If this is your first time playing the Darkest Dungeon RPG, then you’re in for a treat! This game is known to be very difficult, the game studio – Red Hook have made sure to give us a very hard game. You have to deal will all the common RPG mechanics such as attacks, healing, and buffs. But in Darkest Dungeon… you will also have to understand and play according to Stress!

Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness – an endless mode

The new DLC offers an ‘endless’ mode of gameplay, a battle that doesn’t stop and just keeps on going… In the new Farmstead zone, crystal monsters lost and broken by time reside. You can expect harrowing battles with these gleaming enemies. They have all sorts of tricky moves. Riposte, stealth attacks, stress over time debuffs, blight and more!

Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness DLC

The importance of a good team

Well how do you deal with all these horrible mechanics? The key lies in a very well-balanced team load out. There are a few different good team mix-ups but a suggestion would be to run with Vestal / Grave Robber / Leper / Shieldbreaker.

Vestal skills – Judgement / Dazzling Light / Divine Grace / Divine Comfort

The way you want to play the Vestal is use her stun on targets with low stun resist and use Judgement to clear away crystals or low hp mobs. After that, Try to be aggressive with your Vestal but also mindful of keeping your Heroes on high hp. Try to get two good healing buff trinkets on the Vestal

Grave Robber skills – Pick to the Face / Flashing Daggers / Poison Dart / Toxin Trickery

The grave Robber will be extremely useful due to ignoring the High PROT of the monsters of the Farmstead. Use Pick to the Face on all tank monsters and use Poison Dart and flashing daggers as your damage on non-tank enemies. Toxin Trickery is a useful buff to keep up due to the amazing dodge bonus. Try to get Sickening Satchel, a trinket that lets you do 20% more damage to Blighted and pair that up with another high damage trinket.

Leper skills – Chop / Hew / Solemnity / Intimidate

Your Leper will often be mowing down the front line, his high damage potential makes the Leper an excellent Hero to one or two shot the front-line. In Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness DLC you will often find weaker monsters at the front protecting the bigger ones. The Leper will make quick work of them. Try to expose stealth enemies with Intimidate as well! You will want damage trinkets on the Leper.

Shieldbreaker skills – Pierce / Puncture / Impale / Expose

The Shieldbreaker is the new Hero and he is extremely good paired with the Grave Robber due to his Impale ability. His moves have a retreat 1 space and move forward 1 space quality. Due to this, you will normally be rotating between Impale / Pierce every other turn. In the case you encounter a stealthed mob, you can take advantage of Expose to bring them out. Puncture bypasses guarded monsters, so you can Puncture to do damage to them as well!

Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness DLC
An example of a healing trinket for the Vestal

Other options

If you want to try another team type, then running an ultra-aggressive comp with two hellions spamming breakthrough or iron-swan for back-lines is also a really good choice for the DLC. Just make sure to pick a Vestal and maybe even a good ranged damage. The problem with these aggressive comps is that although they do mow through enemies, eventually stress will pile up too high to continue. The best way to combat this is playing with a stress reducer like Hound-master / Crusader or Jester. You will slow down in your kill speed by doing this though. The Jester does damage through bleeds and the crystal monsters are resistant to it. The crusader is a solid choice but does not offer much in the way of damage. Finally the Hound-master is useful but not as strong as the Grave Robber.

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Just keep trying some different synergies and you will eventually find something strong and viable, just keep in mind the core of the party should be 1 Vestal and some quick killers of strong defenders with stress relief. Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness is a fun yet difficult DLC expansion and it can seem a little daunting at first, but have fun and experiment and you will find the way!

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