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Download PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG for PC and Mac

You must be thinking doesn’t this already exist on steam stores and else where. Then why am I writing this. Well, A company Timi Studio has decided to come alive PUBG for the Phone. Yep you heard me right PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds for your Cellular Phone. And for some its expensive but not anymore, you can download PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG for your PC and Mac OS X with the help of Bluestacks!

There are other games on the market like this but this version of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds PUBG is the real deal.

Is the mobile version of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds PUBG different?

Well  you cannot compare to real thing. Moreover, each of these games have either smaller maps compared to 8x8km in PUBG . There are not lot of places to visit. PUBG offers squad mode, one man army and dual team. In this game mode, only teams enter the arena. Even if someone makes a squad of 2 players, they can get matched up against other squads of 4 members. In order to win the round in squad mode, the last surviving squad wins the round.

Another famous game mode is Duo mode. In this mode, only pairs of two land on the battleground. All teams consist of pairs and last surviving pair wins the round. The advantage of playing in team modes is that if one member is down, other members can revive him/her. They can just have fun online, riding cars together and even plotting and settings traps as a team. Other games one Android market that feature these modes include the likes of Knives Out, Survival Squad and Last Battleground Survival. These game offer essentially the mini versions of game modes mentioned for PUBG. These are also available to download and they have pretty big audiences as well but nothing compared to this version of PUBG which is going places. Keep Reading and you can too Download PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG for your PC and Mac OS X.

PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG For PC


There was no difficulty in PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG its just how you played, fell down got up and played again and won. Same case scenario with this Mobile version as well. This being said the most ruthless mode in PUBG is the solo one man army mode in which you have to fight against an entire Squad while you are alone. There is a rule that if two or more players are caught teaming up in solo mode unofficially, then they will get banned. This is a pretty good feature as two players can just trick others into thinking that they are not together. There is duo mode for that.

When PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG was released, it only ran on  Xbox One and High end PCs.   ut now the tables have turned You can follow the steps and download and play mobile PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG for PC. It works on both Windows and Mac machines. Therefore, almost everyone is covered. The requirements for graphics processor and other hardware are decent. Like mostly anyone can play it even if they have Intel HD graphics.

PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG For PC


The Developers of the Mobile version of PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG have got you covered. Ride bikes, cars, military grade vehicle, ships and more. Moreover, all the guns and weapons are available as well. As for the Game Scenario, its mostly the same.

Gather together on an Island when 100 players are gathered, players are tossed into barren land where they have to scavenge goods and Artillery. A blue ring is closing in on the players, if left outside their health starts to decrease, the works. Now just follow the steps and you too Download PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG for PC and Mac

PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG For PC

Download PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG for PC with BlueStacks 3

There are two ways you can download PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG on PC. One of the method is to download its APK and install it manually, the other method is to download it the way you are supposed to do with Play Store. Download BlueStacks 3 at the very beginning. The download link with complete instruction is given below.

BlueStacks 3

Once downloaded, follow the guide given above.

Method 1: –

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now go to “My apps” and click “System app” folder from there.
  3. Now Open “Google Play” from here. It’s the same Google Play Store as you use on your Android devices.
  4. Now search “PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG ” on Play Store.
  5. Open it and click “install”.
  6. Once installed, open it from “My Apps” portions on your BlueStacks 3.
  7. That’s how you can download PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG  on BlueStacks 3 with official method.

Method 2: –

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now download PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG APK from any sources. Or use other markets to download its APK on your PC.
  3. Now on BlueStacks 3, go to “My Apps” portion in the home tab.
  4. Click “Install Apk” button that is given at the right bottom corner of BlueStacks 3.
  5. Open that downloaded PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG APK from here.
  6. It will install this game on your PC.
  7. Open this game from “My Apps” when installed.
  8. Now you can enjoy playing PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG on your PC with ease.

If you have any issues while downloading PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds PUBG for PC & Mac OS X, then feel free to ask us in the comment box below and do leave a Like.