How to download Tekken for PC & Mac

Tekken is one of the famous fighting game for Play Station. First game was a huge hit and after that, the developer of this game introduces its sequels time after time on Play Station but this time BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment really made us happy by doing something new for Tekken lovers. They have released Tekken for Android & iOS devices for free. This is an amazing news for those who love this game. If you don’t have Android or iOS then there is another way to play it. You can download Tekken for PC & Mac OS X by following the guide given ahead.

This game brings an amazing story mode along with different modes that allow you to fight all the players around the globe. The good thing is that now you can enjoy Tekken on PC that runs Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, & Mac OS X. That means you have endless number of possibility to run this Android game on bigger screens. What’s so amazing about it? We will discuss it ahead but make sure you know that they have created a Smartphone based controls. You don’t need to recognize all the combos and stuff like you used to but still it has its own fun.

Tekken for PC will allow you to witness amazing graphics on bigger screens. When you will first Install Tekken, and play it. It will lead you directly to the story mode. I won’t tell you the story as it will ruin your interest for this game. What I really like about Tekken mobile is that the art style of each character is insane.

Tekken Android art style

The controls of this game are simple and easy to understand. Use left portion of your Smartphone to move your character. Unlike the Play Station version, you cannot jump or move according to your liking but still you can block the opponent’s attacks with just one tap with ease. The right side of your screen let you attack your opponent. What’s new in fighting style is that you have WAZA cards that will allow you to use some amazing powers.

To make it simple. In Tekken for PC, you need to create a team, fight against all the villains in story mode. Other than that, compete with players online, protect your dojo, attack other people’s dojo and get some amazing rewards out of it. The not so amazing thing about this game is that it lags sometimes and the size of this game is around 450 MB. It always need an internet connection to play it. The size of this game sucks but to get amazing graphics we need to compromise on our Smartphone’s storage.

Download Tekken on PC

To overcome that solution. Simply use Android emulators to run Tekken on PC. When it comes to Android emulators, Andy & BlueStacks are the best one available for PC so far. Recently BlueStacks released its latest version known as BlueStacks 3. This is all you need to smoothly run this game. To download and play Tekken for PC & Mac, then follow the instructions given below.

Download Tekken for PC with BlueStacks 3

There are two ways you can download Tekken on PC. One of the method is to download the APK and install it manually, the other method is to download it the way you are supposed to do with Play Store. Download BlueStacks 3 at the very beginning. The download link with complete instruction is given below.

BlueStacks 3

Once downloaded, follow the guide given above.

Method 1: –

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now go to “My apps” and click “System app” folder from there.
  3. Now Open “Google Play” from here. It’s the same Google Play Store as you use on your Android devices.
  4. Now search “Tekken” on Play Store.
  5. Open it and click “install”.
  6. Once installed, open it from “My Apps” portions on your BlueStacks 3.
  7. That’s how you can download Tekken for PC on BlueStacks 3 with official method.

Method 2: –

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now download Tekken APK from any sources. Or use other markets to download Tekken APK on your PC.
  3. Now on BlueStacks 3, go to “My Apps” portion in the home tab.
  4. Click “Install Apk” button that is given at the right bottom corner of BlueStacks 3.
  5. Open that downloaded Tekken APK from here.
  6. It will install Tekken on your PC.
  7. Now open Tekken from “My Apps” when installed.
  8. It will download the additional data of this game.
  9. Once done, you can enjoy playing Tekken on your PC with ease.


  • There is another way to open Google Play Store on BlueStacks 3. There is a search bar in this Android emulator. Type Tekken and hit enter. It will directly lead you to the official app center of BlueStacks 3. If the app isn’t there, it will ask you to open this search result on Google Play Store.
  • When you open Tekken on PC. There’s keyboard symbol at the bottom of BlueStacks 3 that will open keyboard controls UI. You can set controls for this or any game for your keyboard with this option.