Download Turn for PC – Windows & Mac OS X

Ketchapp is one of our favorite developers with brilliant arcade gaming ideas. There are countless games by them and each of them is fun. The recently launched a new game called Turn and it is really a simple yet addicting game for everyone. Now you can download Turn for PC & Mac OS X as well. This game is not officially available for PC but there’s an alternate way to do so. All you need is to download Turn APK and the rest of the guide is easy to understand.

You can download Turn for PC that runs Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, & Mac OS X. That means you have endless number of possibilities to run this game on bigger screens. There is a specialty about Ketchapp. They always create minimal arcade games that can be playing with just one finger. These are the perfect controls anyone could wish for on Smartphones. Just like other arcade games, all you need is one finger that means you can play it no matter where you are.

Download Turn for PC
Download Turn for PC & Mac OS X [Guide]
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In this game, you are in a dungeon with so many turns. You will automatically move fast. All you need is to tap on the screen to turn. That’s it. This game looks simple but it is so much hard to our soul because simple mistake will end up in misery. If you don’t take the sharp and accurate turns, your square will decrease in size and so does your route.

Make perfect turns, or your square will be cut and the size of the dungeon will also get small. This makes this game more difficult than any other arcade game with simplest controls ever. To get the best out of this game, make sure your brain is relaxed and don’t get angry even if you lose countless times. This game is free and available for Android & iOS in their respective stores. Even though this game is free, it also offers some in-app purchases as well.

The good this is that now you can download and play Turn on PC. To do that, you need to download any Android emulators for PC. When it comes to Android emulators, BlueStacks 3 & Andy are the best one available for PC so far. In order to download Turn for PC & Mac OS X, then follow the guide given below.

Download Turn for PC with BlueStacks 3

There are two ways you can download Turn on PC. One of the method is to download the APK and install it manually, the other method is to download it the way you are supposed to do with Play Store. Download BlueStacks 3 at the very beginning. The download link with complete instruction is given below.

BlueStacks 3

Once downloaded, follow the guide given above.

Method 1: –

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now go to “My apps” and click “System app” folder from there.
  3. Now Open “Google Play” from here. It’s the same Google Play Store as you use on your Android devices.
  4. Now search “Turn” on Play Store.
  5. Open it and click “install”.
  6. Once installed, open it from “My Apps” portions on your BlueStacks 3.
  7. That’s how you can download Turn for PC on BlueStacks 3 with official method.

Method 2: –

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now download Turn APK from any sources. Or use other markets to download Turn APK on your PC.
  3. Now on BlueStacks 3, go to “My Apps” portion in the home tab.
  4. Click “Install Apk” button that is given at the right bottom corner of BlueStacks 3.
  5. Open that downloaded Turn APK from here.
  6. It will install Turn on your PC.
  7. Open Turn from “My Apps” when installed.
  8. Now you can enjoy playing Turn on your PC with ease.

If you have any issues while downloading Turn for PC & Mac OS X, then feel free to ask us in the comment box below.