Download Yalp Store – Best Google Play Store Alternative

It seems as if Android is an open-sourced software and fans would make sure that everyone knows that. It is after all it’s biggest advantage and might I say disadvantage as well.  But even though Android is open sourced, you can see Google’s fingerprints all over it, no matter whose version of Android you use.

That is because while Google believes in free software, it earns from the services it provides. And without Google services, which include the Google Play Store, Android is basically crippled. Or it was, until somebody came up with the Yalp Store. Keep reading and Download Yalp Store from F-Droid for Android.

What is Yalp?

Yalp is available on F-Droid. F-Droid is the largest open-source application platform for Android. At F-Droid, you can find literally really handy applications that never made it to a popular platform like the Play Store. Yalp is one of them. It’s a hidden gem indeed. The home-screen of Yalp shows you all the applications that you have currently installed. The categories screen will show you a list of all the categories through which you can navigate to your desired application or game. Yalp has a very simple, easy to understand UI. It shows the maximum amount of information in the list of applications so that you don’t have to tap each application to view its details.

Download Yalp, Yalp Android, Yalp Apk

Why Yalp?

Why would you want to get Yalp when Play Store can do a fine job? Well, the question is already answered in the first paragraph, but we can have a detailed look at it. Yalp is basically for those who want to keep the things simple. Android enthusiasts, who want to keep their phone’s performance maximum, can uninstall all the Google Apps and choose to go with a store like Yalp. Also, if you install a custom ROM on your phone, and you do not want to flash the GApps package, you can install the Yalp Store instead. There is absolutely no need to go with a heavy GApps package to sort out the applications problem. At times, the Google Play Store faces connection issues.  There are some applications that you will not find on the Play Store, but you will find them on Yalp. Another great aspect of Yalp Store is that it’s an open source project and it’s consistently being improved.You can too Download Yalp Store from F-Droid for Android.

Installing Yalp through F-Droid

  1. Download and install F-Droid on your phone.
  2. Open F-Droid now.
  3. Tap the Search button in F-Droid
  4. Type “Yalp” and search.
  5. You will find Yalp Store, tap to install it.

Download Yalp, Yalp Android, Yalp Apk

Installing Yalp Store by Sideloading its APK

  1. Download Yalp Store APK and copy it to your phone.
  2. On your phone, go to settings > lock screen & security > unknown sources > allow.
  3. Now locate the Yalp Store APK and open it to start the installation.
  4. Proceed with the on-screen instructions to install Yalp Store.
  5. Once done, it will appear in the app drawer.

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