ELEX – open world rpg game like Skyrim

ELEX is a game that has a lot of mixed reviews. Some think that it’s amazing while others criticize it for being totally un-unique and not adding something special to the open world rpg formula. ELEX is available for PC on steam and PS4 / Xbox One. If you want to find out for yourself if this game is worth buying or not, you will find your answer in this review.

ELEX game review

The story of ELEX

The story of ELEX is fairly straight forward. The world has changed after a meteor crashed into it causing a worldwide apocalypse. The meteor also brings this special material called ELEX. ELEX is a magical substance which can power all sorts of weapons of mass destruction. Even people can consume ELEX for power that comes with a deadly price. There are many factions of survivors on in this world. You are Jax, a former member of a heartless militant group. As you progress in the dangerous world of ELEX all alone, you will find people that will change your beliefs as well as new and old enemies that you must defeat.  

ELEX game review


The gameplay of ELEX is similar to games like other open world rpg games like Skyrim and The Witcher 3. You will find yourself collecting loot, and talking to many npcs. Npcs will be found in huge cities as well as roaming around the free world. These Npcs will over you quests and missions with rewards to complete. You will also further complete the main story of the game as you complete main quests. The combat is mostly hack-and-slash with a few ranged-type magic and abilities to use. Futuristic weapons and magical spells will be usable in this game.

Crafting, gathering and scavenging are also elements in this game. Loot from enemies alongside those will let you customize and enhance your character. Similar to other open world rpgs, ELEX mainly promotes three gameplay elements. Combat, exploration and character customization.

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There are two very strong aspects to ELEX. One being its amazing world. The other being it’s interesting and varied world inhabitants. You will find a world that will give you wonder just like other successful open world games. What’s over that hill? What will I find in that area over there? These types of questions will frequently come to you. Exploration is the best part of this game. Finding different areas and interesting creatures will keep you immersed into the world. The graphics are also very beautiful at times, helping this aspect.

ELEX game review

Another strong point of the game is its world inhabitants. The Npcs are wacky and fun at times, and very believable at others. The dialog and interactions sell the believably of this world very well.


The worst parts of ELEX lie with how bad the combat is. The combat is uninspired and dull. With animation and clipping issues, often time’s unresponsive AI and odd hit-box issues, the combat will bore you to death. There is nothing special about the combat at all. It seems to be a tacked on feature at best, and because of its buggy and boring nature, becomes very un-interesting. If you like playing games for interesting combat, then this game might not be for you.

ELEX game review

Should you buy ELEX?

Well, it depends. ELEX has good enough graphics and a big enough world to deserve it’s high 25 dollar price, but the combat does leave a lot to be desired. The game also starts of pretty slow, and will take some time getting immersed. If you absolutely love long games with HUGE worlds to explore, then maybe this game is for you. If you don’t have the time to sit down and dedicate to this game, then maybe you should give this one a pass.