Doppleganger Feature in Google Arts and Culture App

Thank you front facing cameras to give us this opportunity to congratulate you. It is because of this feature that I have found my ancestral Doppelganger. Today I will be showing you an App that indulges you in Narcissism but throwing in some form of education as well.

What’s the Big Fuss

What I mean by is. Nowadays on Social Media Websites People are uploading their pictures for Comparison. With what you ask. Well with old paintings from which you can get a match and Jolly its Correct most of the time. The App is Google Arts and Culture App Available on both iOS and Android. Now you can too take a selfie and see who looks like you.

The Time of DoppleGanger Generator has gone. When on Old social Media Websites people wanted to see which celebrity they looked like.

Doppleganger feature Google Arts and Culture App

How to find this Feature in App

Currently this Feature is Available in the US but you can Access the tool, keep reading below to find out your Doppleganger

After you Download the app. Make sure you are on the Homepage and start scrolling downwards. Once you get to the section that says “Is your Portrait in a museum” Tap to get Started.

For those people outside the US you can either Download a VPN or a fake GPS that can Change your location. Due to the popularity of the Experiment. It wouldn’t take much time before this Feature is Available to all Nations soon.

How to Use this Feature

A small square will appear in front of you, just like when you want to log into WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web Support. After taking the Photo it will be analyzed using Computer Vision and using Algorithms will match your selfie with historical works of art.

You will be given a list of photos to choose from. The picture with the most resemblance percentage is how close you can get to that Piece of art. You can then choose to share your Selfies and Works of Art on Social Media Websites.

Since it has to analyze your features closely, it makes sense that it zooms in so closely. But for an app that’s getting so much recognition, you’d think they would try to make these selfies a bit more flattering.  You won’t be sharing these on your actual Instagram account.

What other Things can you do with Google Arts and Culture App

While taking selfies of yourself is fun, it also seems to be Google’s way of hooking you in. There’s tons more to do on the app when it comes to art and culture. You can explore thousands of collections from museums around the world, read articles about artwork or features on artists, and you can also favorite tons of collections to save within the app just like cloud storage. Yes its free.Under the highlights section in the “Explore” tab is where you’ll see featured content, like “Art Camera” which allows you to see artwork up close. You can also virtually tour iconic sites around the world  ranging from Taj Mahal to Alcatraz Island to Machu Picchu. If you have Google Cardboard, you can also take virtual reality tours of museums across the globe.

For those who want to experience seeing and exploring artwork in person, the app will also ask your permission to track your location in order to make recommendations of museums nearby. Under the “Nearby” tab, it’ll provide you with all the information you need, such as the exhibits that are currently running, the distance to each museum, operating times, and pricing.If you liked this Article, Give us a Like and a Comment down below!