Google Play Store Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Google Play Store is a big market for every type of Android User. The biggest Benefit of owning an Android is the Google Play Store. It gives you a huge variety of apps to choose from, and today I will be listing down some of the Google Play Store tips and tricks that you should know!

Installing an App that isn’t Available in your Country – Google Play Store Tips and Tricks

One of the problems I face while using the Google Play Store is that I can’t download some of the Apps. You can get your hands on that App by using a VPN. A VPN basically creates a Backdoor for the User by changing their location to a different country. They can just go pick up any App they want and its done.

Once you have downloaded the VPN just select which country to you want to be broadcasted from. And when you open up Google Play Store now, all the Apps will now be Available to you.

Manage your Apps in the Google Play Store

Google Play Store Tips

If you are a nerd like I am when it comes to cleanliness. Then this Google Play Store tip will make you happy. Play Store has an area for managing your games and Apps called “My Apps and Games”. From there you can see which games you have downloaded or uninstalled and even bought.

Now most of you might know this. You can Update all of your games and Apps from the “My Apps and Games” Section in Google Play Store. Now you could just head on there and in the top right corner it says update all, you can either update manually or just let it be. And another thing if you go into All you can see where all of your Apps are.

Putting up Parental Lock in Google Play Store

Google Play Store Tips

If you don’t want your child downloading inappropriate things from the Google Play Store. This part of the Tips and Tricks article you will like. What you do is you Open Google Play Store and go into the settings Option. From there Tap the Parental Lock Controls and tap the slider so that is says On. From there you can create your Parental Lock Pin code. You can set a list of which games an Apps can be downloaded and which can’t be.

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Every time your child downloads something inappropriate He will need to Enter the Password that you set.

Stop Automatic Updates in Google Play Store

Google Play Store Tips

Google Play Store has a tendency to start downloading Automatic Updates. It will cause it to use your 3G/4G which will get depleted. What you could do it go to Google Play Store. Go to Settings and click Update Apps.

Choose Do not automatically Update applications. Now it will be upto you whether you want them to be updated or remain the same.

These were some of the Tips and Tricks of the Google Play Store that you should know, I hope you are a Happy Penguin after reading this if you liked it give us a Thumbs and a Like.