How to Check your Internet Speed from Google Itself

There are many great ways to test your internet speed. If you are trying to figure out your internet connection’s download and upload speeds  or perhaps you just want to show off how fast your internet is for no reason. One great way to check your speeds, if you want, is to use Google.

How to check your internet speed using Google

  • Connect to the internet
  • Ask Google for a speed test

1. Connect to the internet

Before you can check your internet speed. You need to connect to the Internet via Active Network. Locate your desired SSID, or if you are using an Ethernet Don’t worry about that. You can head on over to to double check that your internet connection is working. Why Google because it is the Lightest.

Check your Internet Speed from Google Itself

2. Ask Google for a speed test

Now that you’re already on Google’s homepage, simply type in ‘speed test.’  There will be search results for online options to check your speed like Speedtest by Ookla, but above that will be Google’s own speed test offering.

To check your internet speed, click on Run Speed Test. In real-time you will watch the web app checking your ping, download, and upload speed. After it’s completed, you can see the test results. The server location that was used in the speed test, a bit of information about your network’s speed including what you should be able to do.

Check your Internet Speed from Google Itself

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