How to hide WhatsApp chat without deleting it

WhatsApp is one of the best free services available that let you talk to anyone around the globe. It’s been evolved too much with time. Now with WhatsApp we can easily chat, voice call or video call friends and families with ease. In this app, we have countless options like creating groups, sending special emoji, GIF and much more. One of our viewer came up with an issue that if there is a way to hide WhatsApp chat without deleting it or using some third-party tricks with rooted devices.

Luckily there is a simple way to accomplish that but why would you really need such thing on WhatsApp? For me I find it a must point in this app because I don’t want some chats or groups be seen by strangers and that happens a lot if you work in a crowded office and if you had to use WhatsApp a lot in order to communicate with others. This is not really a big problem but it’s still helpful in many ways.

To do that, you just need to look for a simple option. Archive chat button on WhatsApp. This feature is always there for you but not everyone is a nerd who love to experiment things. So, it might be invisible for your eyes but that feature was always there for you. Other than that, archiving chats really helps organizing WhatsApp. Now I have all the important chats on my view list and some other chats are archived that I don’t want to delete but still want it on my WhatsApp.

There are pros and cons of archiving files if you intentionally want to use it to hide chats. To hide WhatsApp chat without deleting it, then follow the instructions given below.

Hide WhatsApp chat without deleting it

The instruction is easy because the feature to hide things was already there on WhatsApp but we don’t really focus sometimes.

How to hide WhatsApp chat in Android

To do so. Open WhatsApp in your Android phone. Tap and hold the chat of a specific person or group or select multiple chats at once. Once you have selected them. You will find few options in the top bar of WhatsApp in form of symbols. Select the second last symbol from right side and WhatsApp will archive those chats for you. For better visualization. See the image below. Now you have successfully hide the chats that you don’t want to view on the main menu of your WhatsApp.

Hide WhatsApp chat in Android

How to hide WhatsApp chat in iPhone

Archiving chats in iPhone is simple. Open WhatsApp. On any chat bar, swipe left on it in order to load more options for that chat. There you will find archive button. Click it in order to hide it in your iPhone’s WhatsApp. See the following image for better visualization.

Hide WhatsApp chat in iPhone

How to hide WhatsApp Chat on Web

If you are using WhatsApp web in your PC and want to hide or archive WhatsApp chat, then click on the more options of that specific person’s chat profile, then click archive chat button. See the image below.

Hide WhatsApp chat on web

Thing you need to know about archiving chats in WhatsApp.

  • Archiving chats will hide those chats that you don’t want to display on your main screen but it will reappear if new text appears from that chat.
  • In Android, you will find archived chats at the end of the WhatsApp chats. Other than that, you can search for that chat with the search icon and it will appear for you.
  • In iPhone, Swipe down from the top chats, it will let you get access to the archived chat.
  • On Web, click the more options icon given beside your profile. Then click archived. It will open all the archived chats.

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