Learn How to Use Snapchat Camera Lenses on PC & MAC

Snapchat brings you Snap Camera! A free computer application which is designed to bring your favorite Snap filters to your PC.

Snap Camera lets you use Snapchat lenses on your computer with any connected or built-in camera.

So you can have fun with all the old and new Snapchat filters – whether it’s the famous puppy dog filter or rainbow vomit, you can literally use any filter on the big screen!
It’s time to get those flower crowns and look amazing while skyping!
Yup, that’s the other cool thing about this new feature: You can select the Snap Camera as your camera output to use lenses with third-party desktop apps. So you can put on any filter while using Skype or Google hangout, etc.

Let’s learn How to Use Snapchat Camera Lenses on PC

  • (This particular guide is for Windows)

Step 1: To begin with, you need to download and install the Snap Camera application. Click here to download.

Step 2: Now you will see a dialog box for an agreement to the company’s privacy policy. Tick that. Enter your email address and click on Download according to the desktop you use.

Step 3: Once it has downloaded, you can install the application and run it. Now launch the app and get to explore all the amazing Snapchat Camera Lenses on PC!

These amazing Snapchat camera lenses are available for both Windows and Mac.

Snapchat Camera Lenses and Third-Party apps?

So, now that you know how to use Snapchat camera lenses, you might be wondering what the actual purpose here is. Since this isn’t your phone app through which you can chat with your friends and send them your bomb selfies.

That’s why third-party apps play a major role in this feature’s rising popularity.

If you really want to make the most of these filters, you need to merge Snap camera with Skype, Twitch or any other video calling application.

And that is pretty easy to do. Just open Skype or any other app which has a video calling feature, and it will automatically sync with whatever camera you’re using.  In the camera options, you will see Snap Camera as an option as well.

Snapchat Camera lenses on PC really come to life while using Twitch!

Snap has officially partnered with Twitch to let streamers use Snapchat camera lenses during their live streams. Twitch users also have some custom built Snapchat lenses!

Will you be trying out Snapchat Camera Lenses on PC?

The lenses are pretty cool and instead of video calling the plain old way, why don’t you add a little twist and fun to it!
Also, the application is totally free to download and you don’t even need a Snapchat account for it.

We hope you learned how to use Snapchat camera lenses on PC and will be trying out Snap Camera pretty soon!