Monster Hunter World – How to get Exclusive Skin

After its announcement at E3 2017, Monster Hunter World is now only sometime away for console players. Capcom hasn’t been a little shy about releasing longer gameplay videos of locations like the Rotten Vale. Though thanks to multiple betas, players have been able to get a pretty good look and feel for how the final version will play as well. Just like most betas. Capcom is planning to reward players who pick up a copy of the final game once it releases next week.  The task isn’t as easy as just logging in. Here’s how to earn the exclusive beta skins.

Monster Hunter World

How to get the Exclusive Skin

After booting up the Monster Hunter World beta. Players will have access to four different quests, each focusing on a different beast to kill. Complete any one of the beta quests and the exclusive face paint will unlock for the final retailed version of the game. Monster Hunter World launches on January 26 for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year. And now for the quests that unlock the Exclusive Skin.The four available quests are as follows:

  1. Great Jagras – Located in the Ancient Forest, hunters have 20 minutes to track down and kill this giant iguana. Otherwise it will escape
  2. Barroth – Found within the Wildspire Waste with also a 20-minute time limit.
  3. Anjanath – This T-Rex looking monster is also found within the Ancient Forest and players are again granted 20 minutes
  4. Nergigante – This is a last beta exclusive quest and ramps up the difficulty significantly as this creature is an Elder Dragon and gives players only 15 minutes to kill this beast in the Wildspire Waste.

What Else?

In addition, clearing each quest will also unlock a consumable pack for the final game. Though the items in each pack are pretty common, they’re also pretty helpful. Most can be a lifesaver at lower levels. Each pack includes Max Potions, Life Powders, various traps, and much more.

The game is off to a roaring start as the first official review from Famitsu has given the ambitious open-world title a near perfect score. According to translations, the output praised the continued growth of the franchise and how it manages to the most experiences and the newcomers. For those not yet sold on the experience, the final open beta is live now to all PlayStation 4 players through January 22.