Nidhogg 2 game review

 Nidhogg 2 game review

2017’s big indie game surprise

Nidhogg 2 is a game available for PC and PS4. Nidhogg 2 can be downloaded from Steam. The game was very well received as being a mindless fun game to play with friends. The game is a multiplayer online experience that lets you face off against other players or friends. This Indie game title has surprised many people by how well it’s doing! If you want to find out more about this game, then this Nidhogg 2 review is for you


The rules of Nidhogg 2 are very simple. All you actually have to do to win against the enemy is to get to the other side. But the player you are fighting against will try to stop you! You will be armed with random weapons ranging from bow and arrow to swords. In a very simple attack and dodge fighting style, you need to outsmart and outplay your opponent to defeat them or outrun them to the next screen.

Nidhogg 2 game review

The thing is though, that if the opponent kills you before you kill or run past them, then it’s their turn to attack and your turn to defend! Now you will have to stop the advances of the enemy player and avoid getting outran or killed. If this sounds confusing to you, a few seconds of playing the game and seeing how it works for yourself is all you need to fully understand the mechanics.

When you reach the other side of the level, you will be taken to another screen, another level to outsmart your opponent on! Each game session has 4 levels in which you need to fight and win against the enemy player.


Nidhogg 2 has some strong points to it! The first one being how smooth and fun the gameplay feels. There are no issues regarding the controls and the game feels very fast paced.

The second strong point to this game is its music. The musical score for this game is very well chosen, the music itself is plenty reason to enjoy the game. Intense and upbeat as well as wacky, the perfect music to this type of game.

Nidhogg 2 game review

Additionally the art style of Nidhogg 2 is very well done. It is very visually impressive. An over saturated look, where all sorts of background props and interesting background elements highlighted by fun and bright colors will keep you interested. Although it is debated that pixel art does not look aesthetically impressive and should be a retired form of game art style, if you like pixel art then this game will definitely impress you.

You also have a wide selection of character customization options and plenty of different levels to play on, which only increased the replay-ability of this game.


One problem with Nidhogg 2 is somewhat opinionated. The problem is… That sometimes the game just feels very frustrating. You can be killed in numerous ways but weird potholes placed in inconvenient places mean that you can also fall to your death. This falling to your death mechanic is something added to many games. Yet in fighting games like this, just feels unfair. It isn’t a good mechanic to introduce to a game, as players can stand and wait near potholes… And just try to knock you off the whole game.

Additionally another problem with Nidhogg 2 is its lack of a ranking system. There just isn’t much actual progression to be gained. You can play against other players online but you can’t see how you match-up with players around the world. It’s not possible to become the best, as there is no metric with which to see this. A matchmaking system would serve really well a game like this and help making this game more playable for the long term.

Nidhogg 2 game review

Should I buy Nidhogg 2?

Well, if you are a casual gamer, and just want some mindless fun and laughs with friends or even online players… Then Nidhogg 2 is a good choice for you. If you are looking for something more long term though… Then you will not be satisfied with just how shallow this game feels sometimes. Since the price of the game is 15$, which seems fine but maybe a little overpriced for a game with no match-making system.

If you want to check out this game or buy it, click the steam link below

Nidhogg 2
Nidhogg 2
Developer: Messhof
Price: 14,99 €