How to Root BlueStacks N [BlueStacks with Android Nougat]

As you already know, Android emulators are so trendy these days. If you are a normal guy who just want to play games or a developer who want to test his app, you can still use Android emulator for that. Now its been widely used by people around the globe and the most popular Android emulator is BlueStacks App Player. They recently released BlueStacks N – An Android emulator that runs Android N. Now you can also Root BlueStacks N Android Nougat.

This tutorial doesn’t need any expert people to accomplish the goal. So even if you are a total newbie in rooting stuff, you can still do that if you carefully follow the steps from ahead.

Rooting a phone voids its warranty, so it’s perfect to get started on an Android emulator, because you can reinstall it if something bad happened. BlueStacks is very popular because of its previous update called BlueStacks 3. That version offers extremely good stable OS for all the users for free and we also did a guide on how to root BlueStacks 3.

BlueStacks N for PC

Why Root BlueStacks N

Now if you are interested in rooting your BlueStacks N, then you can read above but before that, why do you really need to root BlueStacks? The answer to this question is pretty simple. It will allow you to get complete access over it and you can also use some cool applications like Titanium backup and much more. You can even install Xposed modules, that will allow you to modify your BlueStacks the way you want. Rooting is fun and everyone should do it one day if they love to tweak their devices.

Obviously, you can’t avail all the rooting options you get on Smartphones like installing custom ROMs and boot animations but still you can have a taste of it in BlueStacks N Android Nougat. So, if you want to root BlueStacks N, then carefully follow the instructions given below.

Pre-Required downloads

  1. BlueStacks N | Direct Download Link
  2. BlueStacks Tweaker 4 | Direct Download Link [Thanks to Anatoly79]
  3. Root Checker | Direct Download Link
  4. SuperSU

How to Root BlueStacks N – Easy Method

  1. Open BlueStacks N on your PC.
  2. Download BlueStacks Tweaker 4 from the link given above.
  3. The files you downloaded above will be in Zip format. Extract them and open “BlueStacksTweaker4” application.
  4. Now click “Helpers” tab from top menu.
  5. It will open all the tweaking options. There is a first option called “Root for BlueStacks”. Click “Patch” on this option.
  6. Wait few seconds and now you have successfully rooted BlueStacks N on your PC.

This is how you can root BlueStacks N in few steps. Now its time to check whether its really rooted or not. To do so, you need to download any Root Checker from Play Store. If you need our suggestion, then download the root checker that is given in Pre-Required portions above. Once installed, you can check if its rooted or not. You will be amazed. Check the results below:

Root BlueStacks N

What do you need more?

Yes, you have successfully rooted BlueStacks N for PC and now its time to download a root manager. SuperSU is best root manager you can use on BlueStacks N. You can download it from the Pre-Required downloads from above and normally install it. Now open SuperSu, it will prompt a message that “SU Binary needs to be updated”, click “Continue”. It will again ask you if you want to Install the SU Binary with Normal or TWRP/CWM method. Click “Normal”.

Now wait for it to take actions in order to complete installation. Once done, restart your Rooted BlueStacks N by completely closing it and reopen it again.

Now you can confirm if SuperSU is working or not. For that, download and Root application or just open Root Checker application that you have already installed. This time, when you will open the app, a new window will popup that says “Superuser Request”. Grant this app SuperSU permission my clicking “Grant” button and now you have verified everything.

It means SuperSU is working fine on Rooted BlueStacks N

This guide is for educational purpose only. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.