Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – The best Smartphone to buy in 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new killer Smartphone these days. If you want to know about it, then read the Samsung Galaxy S8 review above. If you need an opinion, this is the best Smartphone you will ever find this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ starting at a fairly steep $750 and $850, their newest phone forges a state of the art design and a pathway to the future, well we are kind of living in the future if we get reference from back to the future, their design is unfathomably unique stripping away orthodox bezels with their respective 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch infinity displays.

Samsung galaxy S8 review

These are the first handsets to boast Qualcomm’s beastly Snapdragon 835 Processor for record-breaking performance.

Samsung didn’t just take away the bezels on this phone; it crafted a space-age work of art with the new display that stretches from edge to edge. The Galaxy S8 not only has a slightly bigger screen-to-body ratio and looks sleeker because of the way the Gorilla Glass curves toward the edges on the front and back. Other Android phones look like blah, flat slabs by comparison. The S8 is also thinner and narrower, the screen size as mentioned earlier is 5.8 by 6.2 inches we always prefer the bigger and the home button, which is now a virtual button instead of a physical key.

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Enough of the this let’s get to know the other Features

  • The back camera is a 12mp with a f1.7 aperture
  • The front camera is an 8mp with a f1.7 aperture
  • It has biometric facial, retinal scanning best of its kind
  • It has a whopping 4Gb Ram your phone will never go slow again
  • and has a magnificent 64Gb Ram Micro SD slot can also be availed which can
  • increase it up to 128Gb of Storage Capacity
  • The phone has a mega battery of 3000mAh
  • The weight of the phone is 155 grams or 5.5 ounces
  • The android version is 7.0 (Nougat) with a USB type C fast charging and 3 color variations as well as wireless charging. Click here to check complete specs of Samsung Galaxy S8.

About the Sensor…

Samsung Galaxy S8 sensor

People had a problem with the fingerprint sensor’s placement right next to the camera on the back of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ might be a problem. And it was, in the start Because the sensor is small, it’s difficult to target it without looking and wished it were below the lens. But we got used to it!

And even if you don’t want to reach around the S8 to unlock your phone, you can choose from a couple of other biometric options that Samsung gives you. There’s facial recognition, as well as iris scanning. Iris scanning unlocks your phone faster and even works in the dark, the facial recognition is not only slower but also had trouble in direct sunlight and doesn’t work in the dark.

Our advice? Use the iris scanning everywhere except in the sun, and when there is bright light, just use the fingerprint scanner!

The Screen – Perfect of them all

A resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels, both the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ turned in nearly perfect scores on our tests, offering a very bright picture, amazingly vivid colors and near-perfect color accuracy. The extra-wide 18.5:9 aspect ratio works great with all apps, but overall, we like how immersive the experience is when watching video and playing games.

When watching the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, we could make out every inch in Rey’s hands as she seemed to move the rocks around her with the Force, as well as every rising circle of smoke around Kylo Ren’s smoldering mask. As the camera panned around to the island where Luke was training Rey, it was hard not to be impressed by the golden array that reflected off the water, as well as the lush, green foliage dotting the mountains.

The S8 backed up our experience by reproducing a superb 183 percent of the sRGB color. That blows away any phone within a 10-mile radius, However, when you turn on Adaptive Display mode on the Galaxy S8, it can reach as high as 255 percent.

If you’re looking for accurate color, the S8 can deliver that, too. In its AMOLED photo mode, the display notched a Delta-E score of 0.28 (0 is perfect). The LG G6 was closest, at 1.01, but the Pixel XL was way behind, with 5.88. Like the LG G6, the Galaxy S8’s screen is HDR certified, which means you can enjoy a wider range of colors and better contrast. Amazon, Netflix and YouTube offer a growing variety of HDR-ready movies and shows.

The 18.5:9 aspect ratio doesn’t work well with every app But Samsung’s own apps are optimized, and you can fill the screen by pushing a button while watching YouTube and Netflix.

Samsung Galaxy S8 screen
Doesn’t the screen look magnificent?

The remaining Design

Moving inside the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, you’ll find a newly refined software experience. As is the case with the Galaxy S8 hardware, the company’s “Samsung Experience” software in 2017 is its best yet.

Each year, Samsung continues to strip away more and more useless additives, moving ever closer to a stock Android experience. Closer, yes, but make no mistake — there’s nothing stock about the Android build on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+.

The first thing you’ll notice about Samsung’s software on the Galaxy S8 is that it’s Extremely fast. Hardcore Android fans were upset when they found out that a special upgraded Galaxy S8 with 6GB of RAM would be made available in some Eastern markets and not in the US. But I can assure you that the Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM provide more than enough OOMPH and memory to keep things humming along.

From news readers, Twitter and email apps to media streaming apps, 3D games and more, the Galaxy S8+ powered through all my tests without a hiccup. Long story short, it can handle anything a user might throw its way. I had videos streaming in half of Samsung’s multi-window layout while I was loading large web pages in the other half, and again, not a single stutter or stammer to speak of. Apart from a few Android oddities here and there the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ offer the smoothest experience you’ll find on a Google-powered smartphone.

Bixby, your personal AI

Another new addition to the Samsung Experience on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is Bixby. As many people might have already read. However, in a nutshell, Samsung’s voice-controlled virtual assistant can’t yet be controlled using one’s voice.

Just like Cortana for Windows 10 and windows phone and Siri for the iPhone. Bixby is a whole another level which can help you navigate around your phone in a jiffy

There’s a dedicated Bixby button that is supposed to offer two functions. Pressing and holding the Bixby button is supposed to launch the Bixby voice assistant, which is like Siri or Tapping the button launches the Bixby Home page, which is a collection of cards like Google Now. At least, it’s supposed to — the alternate method of accessing Bixby Home is the only method of accessing Bixby Home that works.

As it stands now, Bixby Home is Samsung’s answer to Google Now. The interface is the same cascade of cards. The content there is similar as well, offering time, location, and context-aware content. One nifty feature that Google doesn’t yet have, however, is Bixby Vision. This is similar to the Firefly feature Amazon introduced on the ill-fated Fire phone. Point the camera at an object and Bixby will offer information and context, if it recognizes the object. Bixby Vision can also offer information about points of interest using the camera and your location. It can translate printed text in real-time in more than 50 different languages. Yes, you heard that right 50 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES

Bixby could grow into a very useful feature on Samsung phones, but right now it’s painfully incomplete. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ run Android 7.0 Nougat. So they also included the much more complete Google Assistant solution. I certainly plan to revisit Bixby once it’s a more complete product, but Google Assistant is clearly the way to go for the time being. Remember, Siri was a mess as well when it first launched. Now it has evolved into a fantastic tool that millions of iPhone owners use all the time. Give Samsung a while to work through Bixby’s initial growing pains before you dismiss Bixby completely.Samsung Galaxy S8 review

Your thoughts?

The amount is high but the product is amazing. This was the Samsung Galaxy S8 review. What do you think of this Smartphone? Did you use it? Do you have any story to share with us about your Samsung Galaxy S8?

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