Sea of Thieves – a guide on how to have fun

Sea of Thieves is a game that had a lackluster launch and beginning. In the first month of the games release, many people quickly discovered that there wasn’t much actual content in the game and that it was difficult to find other ships to fight. It was mostly just a pve grind-fest for cosmetic items.

This naturally rubbed a lot of the hopeful community the wrong way and they quickly quit playing Sea of Thieves. But after the release of the game, the game studio behind Sea of Thieves has launched update after update bringing new content to the game! These new patches also fixed a lot of bugs and errors.

Well, with all the updates greatly improving the overall experience of the game and giving a whole bunch of things for the players to do… It now stands to reason that players will have a great time in sea of thieves! And whether you are already a player or a new one, this article will give you a list of all the things you want to look into to have a blast!

Finding a crew

Their are 3 main ways to quickly find a group. The first being the Sea of Thieves gamehub which is on Xbox. This lets you find players who want to do things that you want to! Players will post on the multiplayer tab and will also detail how they want to play and which quests they want to team up for.

Not on Xbox? Well here is a PC method for finding your crew, join the Sea of Thieves community discord from the following link.

PC players generally use the discord to find friends and crew-mates to group up with. It’s a really great place to put together a crew of like-minded people!

The last method to finding a crew is perhaps not as quick and efficient as the other methods but… Well, if you end your life and go to the ferry of the damned, don’t just resurrect instantly! Other killed players will often turn up if you wait around for a while. You can strike up some conversation and ask them to team up… Although this is a bit of a last resort… And you can always just wait for the looking for group system of the game – this is also certainly an interesting method!

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Whats new in Sea of Thieves

The following updates for the game has brought a lot of cool new features to the game. Be on the look out for inky black water and get prepared for a bloody battle with a KRAKEN! 

Sea of Thieves how to have fun

Also if you are sailing around unaware and just minding your own business, you should know that you will never be safe! Enemy ships might be around the corner ready to sink and plunder your ship… But that’s not all! A giant shark known as the Megalodon might also be coming!

Sea of Thieves how to have fun

Finally, you will be grinding for pirate legend. But if you want gold and loot seek out the skull fortress! A event island shown by a large skull in the sky. Over there only the strongest crews will survive! A 20 wave battle with an onslaught of skeletons and finally a large amount of gold and treasures! BEWARE of other players though! You will most likely NOT be the only ship to spot the skull in the sky!

Sea of Thieves how to have fun

A fun time comes with you!

Sea of Thieves has the potential to be a great role-playing game and a place to have a blast with a group of friends. The systems and mechanics of the game are set-up to make it so you can have many memorable moments with your crew. Just try to get out and have fun! If you don’t have a group of friends currently you can always make some through the games group-up system!