Tekken 7 review

Tekken 7 review


The newest Tekken in the genre of fighting games that are holy and iconic to the entire genre itself…has come to us in the summer of 2017. Tekken 7 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Tekken 7 on PC can be found on Steam. This game was anticipated by thousands of fans worldwide, whether it can live up to the hype or not….In this Tekken 7 review, you will find out.


Tekken 7 uses the unreal engine 4, the game engine responsible for many current generation high fidelity Triple-A titles. The core game-play for Tekken 7 remains the same as older games. Your chosen character is placed into a 1v1 brawling Death-match where you will use your fists and kicks to defeat your opponent.

You have many different options to choose from regarding the way you want to play the game. Well, you can fight against your friends locally or online. You can even brawl with strangers and rank up online. Playing the story mode, arcade mode, or honing your skills against enemies that stand still in practice mode are also options.

The core of the game is the 1v1 fighting aspect, just like every other fighting game. Tekken 7 is slightly unique in the sense that it is a 3D fighting game. Although not an original idea, Tekken is one of the few popular games that incorporate movement in a 3D space. You can move forward, backward, jump, and dodge kicks and punches by moving to the left or right sides.

The controls overall all feel very fluid and smooth, and the timings on combos are very very precise. Tekken 7 is following the footsteps of other recent games in the fighting genre world. The game is very complex. Fighting games have been getting more and more complex and Tekken 7 is also certainly very difficult to master. With 100’s of combos and moves available to you….Forget getting good with a bunch of characters, even getting comfortable with one will take hours and hours of practice.

If you are scared by this… don’t be! Although Tekken 7 is hard to master at a very high level… Playing casually and enjoying the story can be done without needing to dig deep into how everything works.

Tekken 7 review


The story mode of fighting games is often unappreciated by the fighting game community. People want to play the game to beat up their friends, not fight the computer NPC… But Tekken 7 really beats the entire fighting game world in how amazing the story is. The game is worth playing for the story mode itself.

Tekken 7’s story revolves around the final battle between father and son. Heihachi was responsible for the death of wife and son’s mother. Kazuya has been thirsting for revenge against his father ever since. The Tekken Series mainly revolves around this story. And Tekken 7 is the final battle. The final showdown between father and son……and it’s epic!

Cinematic, intense, good plot, stunning visuals….These are all things you will find in the story mode. If these elements are something you look for in a game….then you should definitely try Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 review


There are many strong points to this game. The first being it’s amazing graphics. Secondly, the game has amazing optimization, using the graphics settings you are able to play Tekken 7 smoothly on many even sub-optimal PC’s. Additionally, the game has really smooth and fluid controls, after you input a punch or kick, it comes out instantly. Combined with the added complexity and depth of the combat system, you can always find new and interesting to bash your opponents into the ground.


The problems of this game are more apparent when you Compare Tekken 7 with the one previous to it, Tekken 6. Overall the new Tekken does not do anything out of the box, the combat system and combo system are mostly similar, a few new characters have been added and a few older ones removed. The graphics is the only hugely noticeable update. Rather than calling Tekken 7 a sequel, it would be more correct to say it’s an extension of Tekken 6 with updated graphics. Overall this isn’t a major complaint considering that many fans do not want the tried and tested formula of the Tekken franchise altered too much. But it would be very interesting and good for the franchise to take some more risks.

Should I buy this game?

If you were really taken by Tekken 6, are a fan of good story and a fan of fighting games, then you should definitely give this game a shot. It runs well on all platforms so whatever you have, you can run the game seamlessly on. This game is not very forgiving to the more casual player though.Don’t have the time to sit down and play for hours?… Then maybe you should pass up on Tekken 7.

If you wanna buy the game on steam, check out the link below.

Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.
Price: 39,99 €