The Evil Within 2 – 5 tips for beating the game on nightmare

The Evil Within 2 tips

The Evil Within 2 is a game available on PC via Steam, and Consoles. This game is the second instalment to The Evil Within series, which is a story driven horror game with some survival and shooter elements. The first game was critically acclaimed as a very good horror game, something even considered better than other games of this genre like Resident Evil. The second instalment of the game does have a fair bit of difficulty attached to it though.

Story of The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 follows the adventures of detective Sebastian Castellanos, the same protagonist as the first game. In The Evil Within 2 you have to return to a world-system known as STEM, a simulation world that connects people in a dream world.

Different from the Beacon STEM world of the first game. In this game a STEM world called Union awaits you. The host of this world turns out to be…. Your own daughter. The organization who abducted your daughter are using her as a tool to facilitate the world of Union.

Now you must delve into Union and try to find your daughter before evil forces use her for their own nefarious reasons.

The Evil Within 2 tips

On Nightmare mode, the game can be very brutal. In this article you will find 5 tips that will help you beat the game.

Stay low

Making sure you stay crouched is very important. Because a lot of the monsters and zombies are sensitive to movement! Staying low will make sure you will not wake up and get surprised by enemies. This hold especially true in areas with low visibility or visual obstructions. Tall grass is usually filled with lurking enemies and dangers. Buildings with a lot of corridors or hallways will also often have zombies waiting around the corner!

Making sure you put points into crouch speed in the stealth upgrades section is a good use of your green gel.

The Evil Within 2 tips

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Stealth killing is an art

On Nightmare mode, you are severely limited by your ammo. To be able to craft and keep your ammo at a healthy number, you will have to be able to scavenge materials effectively without using firearms. Stealth killing is thus your number one tool to making sure you have enough bullets for when times get rough!

Bosses, enemies you cannot stealth attack, and areas where you can’t sneak past the monsters will appear. For areas like these, only having enough bullets in your pouch will let you proceed further.

So you need to get good at stealth killing all the creatures you can! Try to get behind enemies and land your stealth attack. Make sure you have both special stealth attacks from your Stealth upgrade tree. With the Around-the-corner stealth attack upgrade, even if you trigger a zombie monster you can run away and wait next to a corner. As soon as the zombie approaches the corner, you will be able to stealth attack!

Additionally, with the predator stealth attack, you can approach and kill zombies much faster using the sprint and quick stab of the predator perk.

Special Monsters

 There are roughly 3 types of monsters for the majority of The Evil Within 2. Normal zombies, Knife hag and the Poison belchers.

Now, killing the normal zombies is fairly easy once you get used to running away to corners and using stealth attacks, the Knife hag and poison belchers are much trickier to kill though!

Both the Knife hag and Poison belcher are susceptible to stealth attacks, but they also require two of them to die! The Knife hag can die very quickly if you have an axe, with a stealth attack and a quickly followed axe swipe before she has the chance to react, but if you don’t have an axe…

It’s best to land a stealth attack on the Knife hag, and then quickly use your sprint to get around a corner. Corners and line of sight are your strongest weapon against this tricky knife wielding zombie. She has advanced tracking compared to other zombies, is harder to lose and also faster. Put it’s still possible to down her without using any bullets.

Poison belchers are also annoying, although it’s possible to take them down using only stealth attacks from behind, it’s also extremely difficult. The best plan to take these out is use the less valuable handgun bullets and try to get lots of headshots. Getting the poison belcher to chase you around a corner is also a viable tactic. Use your stealth attack as it draws close.

The Evil Within 2 tips

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Weapon management

You are able to use a handgun, shotgun, crossbow and sniper for most of the game, you also get more weapons later on in the game, but it’s best to focus your weapon parts on these 4 weapons. If you are playing on Nightmare mode, the only upgrade worth getting for every weapon is Damage. Your first priority is getting your handgun damage higher.

Then upgrading the shotgun, crossbow or sniper is all up to you. It won’t make too much of a difference. But just know that a sniper will one shot even special monsters at 160% extra damage with a headshot.

Running away

As previously mentioned, with a upgraded stealth try, abusing hit and run tactics is extremely effective at helping you conserve ammo and avoid taking unnecessary damage. After upgrading your stealth tree, the next best thing would naturally be getting more stamina and a faster recover speed. Make sure you get these two upgrades, as with them you will have a lot more room to make errors. With a fully upgraded stamina bar, you will be able to outrun even the Knife Hag!

After upgrading your stamina, both combat and health are viable trees, so feel free to see what you need and making upgrades accordingly!

The Evil Within 2 tips

Hope these tips helped you out! If you want to buy The Evil Within 2 ,  you can check out the steam link below.

The Evil Within 2
The Evil Within 2
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