This AI differentiates between American & British Accent

Nowadays AI’s are everywhere in the Shopping mall’s, Super markets even your Phones. But How can an AI tell whether you are actually an American British or just faking it. The AI analyses your accent and breaks it down between British and American Accent. One can do enough mimicry by watching enough TV shows but to what extent.

A Brief History Lesson

After WWII, a number of people independently started to work on intelligent machines. The English mathematician Alan Turing may have been the first. He gave a lecture on it in 1947. He also may have been the first to decide that AI was best researched by programming computers rather than by building machines.

Who is Alan?

You must have seen the movie The Imitation Game. In which Benedict Cumberbatch plays Alan in solving the Enigma Machine during WWII. Alan Turing is considered the Father of Computers. He invented a Machine that cracked the Enigma Machine. The Machine that he invented was the First ever Computer. Bet you didn’t know that. Read more to find out whether you are good with mimicry or not.


Consultants at the University of Cambridge came forward with a breakthrough. The AI that can differentiate between American and British accents by using percentages. The results are not accurate so don’t start judging your parents. It can still get pretty close.

How it works

You have to read out a piece of Sentence. And make sure you read out when the text highlights, like karaoke.

If you are curious to find out head onto this link and find out whether you are British or American. Even your Ancestors could be one only now you have to find out.

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Cambridge Consultants is a serious hub of innovation that has its roots down sectors like healthcare, oil and gas, retail, and was recently chosen by Nvidia for a partnership program around deep learning. The company’s developers also spend some time developing engaging experiments to make more humans feel comfortable with robotic intelligence and had previously shown its witty side by developing an “explainable AI” which turns plain doodles into masterpiece paintings.