PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Tips – How to Not Suck at PUBG

Today I will guide you towards some of the tips and Tricks of the most popular game currently on Steam. Players Unknown Battle Ground Receiving most positive reviews of 2017 and 2018. Players Unknown Battle Ground can be played in a number of ways, you can go full heads first or you can camp your way towards the end.

If you are new to the game this guide will definitely help you on how to get that Chicken Dinner. I will be showing you how to hunt for Items and kill enemies with stealth. If you just downloaded Players of Players Unknown Battle Ground, this guide will get you at least if not chicken dinner will make you get to rank 10. Like all other games this one requires Practice and Luck. As it is not that easy to kill all 99 players.

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Tips and Tricks

I will explain most of the things. In order to get that Chicken Dinner, you would have to work hard and spend hours in order to become like the pro players.


How not to Die instantly

One thing that you must do is to avoid as much fighting as possible at the start of the match. Reason being as you are new other players will feast on your noob skills.

If you don’t have a better gun engaging in a head-on battle might not be the most suitable idea. It is sometimes better to let the enemy player go collect the loot and kill him later in the game.

Camp and Stay Hidden most of the time it is better to take enemy players when they least notice it. There is nothing wrong with camping, as no one is a pro at the start of everything.

How not to die while looting

Looting is a very important aspect of PUBG. Once inside any building, listen for footsteps, you will know where your enemy is.

Looting out in the open is a very dangerous thing to do so. Once you kill someone stay hidden and make sure no one is around. Once you are cleared that no one is nearby go and get the loot.

How not to go in the center of the Circle

As the game proceeds, you will notice a circle getting smaller. Stay as far near the corner of the circle. if you are in the center you are basically open to fire from all sides. What pro players do they act like vultures and wait. When they see someone in the middle of the circle they open fire. Stay hidden most of the time unless you are clear.

How not to land in The Worst Possible Place Ever

On the map there is a Sosnovka Base you need to stay as far away from it as possible. People are interested in the base because it is a stockpile of old planes and better loot. But It is very High Risk I would advise not to go there. It’s your call.

How not to be like others and Think Smartly

People will often land straight down in order to get on land before anyone else. This can be used to your advantage. Try to land as far away from the plane as possible. This way you will have plenty of time to loot in peace without worrying about getting shot at.

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These were some of the Tips and Tricks in PlayerUnkown’s BattleGrounds on how you can slowly and Steadily get that Chicken Dinner you see in YouTube videos.