5 Reasons you will use Waze over Google Maps

Google Maps has been there since the Orkut filled the market in 2005 it has been updated to fulfill our daily needs and why not we need them but for some people it’s becoming difficult to use, maybe the interface is not up to par or the experience has not been satisfactory for many users, although there is no match for Google Maps but still why should you use Waze over Google Maps.

Waze over Google Maps

Why you should use Waze over Google Maps

Well because if you stick to one thing for too long it gets boring and Waze is for those individuals who are looking for something new, something to dazzle, with a fresh look at colors and design, Waze will be your Guide through eons!

Some of the features of Waze over which people are drooling over are as follows:

1. Set Reminders Before leaving the House

Yes, it’s also present in Google play but precision and accuracy are still a thing. Waze gives you the best accuracy you can find. It’s easy to navigate and you can also set up your time of departure basing on the amount of traffic and the route you would like to take. Another thing is that you can also incorporate Waze with your social media. So if you’re near any event that you are interested on Facebook, Waze will mark the location for you!

2. Tell your Friends, Family or even your Boss that you’re running late!

Let’s say you leave early but Dangg! You’re still stuck in traffic, (thanks Google Maps) what you can do is you can Launch Waze and actually inform your friends or family that you are running late. You could send them the ETA hence you can send a quick text or email to let the people know that you’re running late!

3. You have to make a Quick Stop

The best Google Maps can do is reroute your destination but with Waze you can mark a stoppage point. Even before leaving you can mark your designated stoppage points. It will keep on reminding that you need to stop and get the things you need. Once you’ve made a stop point you’ll be given a list of markers from which you can select one. Let’s say you want groceries so a list of grocery stores will be marked on the map and you will be guided to the closest one!

4. Slow Down

There are different speed limits in different parts of the world. Google Maps won’t tell you that but Waze will! It will tell you the exact Speed limit that whether you are going over too much. You can also customize at what point Waze will yell at you. For those people with hearing problems it will yell louder!

5. Android Auto (haha Apple)

If you’re using Android Auto in your Automobiles you can now switch to Waze Entirely. The App lets you do all the things that you would do in your regular Android Device like Report Traffic Conditions, Weather, over even Police Presence. If you don’t have Android Auto in your car that’s Perfectly fine, Waze still does Voice Commands. You can choose whether to tap three times on the screen or just Wave at the screen and the Voice Command will be turned on!

If you are loving these features, then download Waze for your Android devices from the link given below:

These are the 5 reasons you will use Waze over Google Maps. If you think we have missed any important feature, feel free to add it for us in the comment box below.