World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0.1 comprehensive and fastest leveling guide

Hey there! New or returning to World of Warcraft for the new expansion? Battle for Azeroth seems very promising so far, and if you plan to begin your first or next adventure then you will need to level to max level first! Now leveling seems simple… But lots of changes have made to leveling. Leveling is now a lot more complex than you remember! As a veteran player with over years of experience, here are some of the best and fastest ways to level to max level!

First things first

Now starting out, you might want to see what you can do to make your leveling experience faster. There are some methods to this but the most common is through the use of heirlooms. Heirlooms are special items that can be bought using pvp materials known as ‘marks of honor’, gold or special monthly currency obtained from the darkmoon fare. Heirlooms greatly increase the power of your character and also give a flat experience bonus for every monster killed or quest completed.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0.1 leveling guide

It is completely possible to save up enough gold or marks of honor from battlegrounds and be able to afford a few pieces of heirloom gear WHILE leveling up! Even as a new player! Make sure to check your calendar too. If the darkmoon fare is available then head on over to that zone and complete the quests to obtain enough tickets to buy heirloom gear!

Focus on obtaining the pieces of gear that give an experience bonus first. Not all heirloom gear gives experience bonuses.

Another way to increase experience gains is by enabling warmode… But beware as it will make you killable by enemies of the other faction. As a general rule of thumb it is ok to enable warmode as a horde player but a lot more dangerous as an alliance player. According to recent statistics and other player data… Many horde players enable warmode compared to alliance players, offering you safety in numbers.

Leveling zone changes

In World of Warcraft, zones will now scale to match your current level. As you level up, monsters in your surroundings will also level up and quests will also match your level.

Back in the old days, you would need to move to another zone after leveling up a few times. The monsters in your surroundings became too weak and the quests stopped giving good experience. But now this logic is no longer the same! You are able to stay in any vanilla zone all the way up to level 60! Because of this, some zones are statistically (due to quest clusters and easy of travel) better than others to level in.

Horde 1-60

You will want to stay in lower level zones for as long as possible. These areas will have better quest clusters and provide more mobs and easier travel times. Quests in lower level zones were designed to keep in mind that players would not have mounts available.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0.1 leveling guide

Stay in your races starting zone till you complete all the quests. After that go to Silverpine forest. Silverpine forest has a very high quest density and good progression You will be able to level extremely fast in this zone. After completely finishing Silverpine go to Hillsbrad. Another great zone with great quest density. After all quests are finished its best to complete quests in Arathi Highlands till you get the quest to go to the Hinterlands.

Go to Raventusk Village through that quest and complete quests in the hinterlands till you can go to the Western Plaguelands. Now leveling speeds will vary depending on your heirlooms and other such things. Go to the Eastern Plaguelands if you still have not reached level 60. After level 40 doing a few dungeons now and then is not a bad idea as well due to the dungeon quests and dungeon completion experience bonuses. The moment you hit level 58. Head over to hellfire peninsula.

Alliance 1-60

Alliance leveling is fairly similar to horde leveling. You should stay in your starting zone till you complete all the quests. Then head on over to Westfall. The quest clusters in Westfall are insanely good. After completing that zone move on over to Duskwood. Some players will caution against going to Duskwood due to the moderate travel time but the quest clusters are strong enough to warrant staying in the zone till half completion. Right when you get the quests to venture far to the left corners of the zone, leave Duskwood and head on over too Redridge mountains. Complete all the quests in Redridge and then go south to Stranglethorn Vale and keep completing quests all the way south till you reach Bootybay.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0.1 leveling guide

At booty bay take the boat to Rachet then go down to Dustwallow marsh and quest there. If you do not want to go south to Stranglethorn, alternatively you can also go to Stormwind City, take the Deeprun tram to ironforge and travel over to Loch Modan. Lock Modan gives insanely good experience with very large mob packs and quest clusters.

After completing quests in Lock Modan you can go to the Wetlands briefly for the first 15 quests or so then head on over further north to Arathi Highlands. Keep continuing north after completing reaching 35 into Western Plaguelands.

Complete all quests in Western Plaguelands and then head on over back to Lock Modan. From there go south into Badlands and then into searing gorge. Searing Gorge is a small zone with very high quest density. You should be above level 50 at this point and do a few dungeons as well as completing quests in Searing Gorge to hit level 58. At 58 you want to head on over to Hellfire Peninsula till you hit level 60.


All zones in outlands / Northrend will let you level from 60-80. Not all zones are equal though. Some Northrend zones are extremely horrible in terms of experience generation and travel time. You have been warned! Some Outland questing zones have denser clusters with a few Northrend zones being also viable options.

You want to complete 40% of Hellfire Peninsula and then head on over to Borean Thundra. The questing is reasonably fast at the start in this zone. Complete quests until you are sent far north in the zone.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0.1 leveling guide

At this point, you want to complete a few quests in the northern region and then go on over to Dragonblight. Complete quests in Dragonblight till you hit level 65. Now head on over to Nagrand. Let a mage portal you to Shattrath city! Complete quests in Nagrand till you hit level 67. Then go to Netherstorm. Netherstorm is one of the best zones to level in. Surprisingly, it has a very high quest density and you will be able to stay in that zone for a while!

Try doing some dungeons after hitting level 70. They are good experience at this point and complete the quests! After finishing up Netherstorm and doing dungeons here and there, you will be around level 72-75.

You can go to Sholazar Basin or Zul’Drak at this point. Just stay away from Howling Fjord, Icecrown and Storm Peaks! Grizzly Hills is an amazing zone in terms of looks and environment but offers only a half-decent leveling speed. You can complete the zone if you wish but is not completely advisable.

Here is a breakdown of the zones

Good –  Hellfire Penensula / Netherstorm / Sholazar Basin / Nagrand / Zul’Drak

Decent – Grizzly Hills / Zangermarsh / Terrokar Forest / Borean Thundra

Bad – Icecrown / Storm Peaks / Howling Fjord / Shadowmoon Valley / Blade’s Edge Mountains

One thing should be said. 60-80 is the HARDEST PART of leveling. Going from 80-100 is going to be much easier…. It is quite unfortunate but this will the hardest part of your leveling experience.


Go to The Jade Forest in Pandaria and just stay there. The zone is extremely good experience and complete the entire zone. You should be able to get level 84-87 just from that one zone. After doing so you can go to Mount Hyjal or Uldum. I like going to Uldum for the free 200 gold from the choice mission at the start but there are quite a few annoying quests in that area. The zone is rather quite pretty on the other hand so staying in the zone for 1 or 2 levels is fine.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0.1 leveling guide

Mount Hyjal is very good experience and you should be around 87-90 from doing these three zones. For the last few levels you can go to a Pandaria zone. The Valley of the four winds and Kun-lai Summit are both good places.


To get to level 100 in quickly you will need an addon. You will be completing VERY few quests at this point and mostly be getting your experience through looting treasures or bonus objectives. Get the addon ‘Handy Notes’ and ‘Handy Notes Treasures’. These will show you all the lootables on your map that will give you a quests worth of experience on pick up.

Now complete all the Bonus Objectives of the zone. Bonus Objectives used to be shown on the map easily but now sometimes they do not display unless you are close to them. Just look up the locations through a map online to see all the bonus objectives of each zone.

To start you want to complete the introductory quests that will then send you over to either Shadowmoon (alliance) or Frostfire ridge ( horde). After establishing your garrison travel around the map completing Bonus Objectives and looting treasures all the way till you hit level 92.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0.1 leveling guide

At 92 go Gorgrond and complete the quests till you establish your base. Choose Lumbermill as you base ability. After doing so, complete all the bonus objectives in the zone and loot most of the treasures. Doing so will get you to level 94-96. After this go south to Talador. Complete quests till you establish your base, choose either options and then go complete all the bonus objectives. Similarly go to Spires of Arak and do the same. Establish base, then go bonus objective hunting and treasure hunting for experience.

If you are not 100 at this point you can do the same with Nagrand establish base, then choose the Husbandry Base ability option that lets you attack while riding the base ability special mount. Complete bonus objectives till max level.


Stormheim offers some good quests in the form of the special wanted quests obtained from talon’s reach so it is reasonable to go to that zone. Highmountain is another decent zone with the very high amount of bonus objectives. Complete both zones and then you can go to either Val’sharah or Azsuna.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth patch 8.0.1 leveling guide

Val’sharah has some very good quest clusters but they fall off near the end. Azsuna is a solid zone throughout, but does include two extremely annoying escort quests that will drive you insane… Azsuna might have good quest clusters and low travel time but do beware of some annoying quests.

Remember to Complete all Legion invasion bonus world quests as they reward MASSIVE amounts of experience but are only available for a short time every day. ( BONUS PRO TIP – enable Warmode while doing these Legion invasion quests… It will reward with way higher experience!)

And thats all folks

You should now be max level! Hope you liked the leveling guide as it included a lot of personal and researched information not easily found through regular means. Leave a comment below if you have any questions!