12 illustrations showing the magic of living alone

I’m a firm believer that every girl should live alone, at least once in her life. If you haven’t lived alone, you haven’t lived at all.

Yes! every women owes it, to live solitary in her own apartment, at least once.

You know what’s the best thing about it?

You’ll get the opportunity to learn more about yourself. You’ll get to know about things you like or dislike and it’ll be easy for you to pick up your personal style. It’s important for a woman to understand they are not here to depend on anyone. Yes girls! You need to learn to depend on no one but yourself.

Guess what happens when you finally decide to do so?

What could be best than sitting in stunned and impeccably contented silence, soaking in your solo surrounding. Your potential as a person will be heightened and you’ll become handy around your home.

Living alone, it begins as an experiment until it turns out to be the way of your life and once you finally decide to cut yourself from ties, you’ll ask yourself that why you didn’t took the step earlier.

These soothing feelings of living alone are comfy, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need people around you in your life. We all need family and friends, who would care for us and yes! We do have plenty of people around us.

Being a woman is incredible, isn’t it girls? Only if you realize that how much you hold within you and of course when you know how to exploit it.

Yaoyao Ma Van As’s illustrations have beautifully demonstrated the fascinating aspects of living alone as a woman. Have a look at them girls to admire the magic of living alone.

1. You can wear as little clothes as you want:

As long as you’re living alone, you’ve a freedom to wear any kind of clothes. Being naked becomes no big deal at all, you can wear as little clothes as you want and whenever you want, there are no roommates around you to worry about.

living alone
© yaoyao ma van as

2. Having all of your own food items in the fridge:

Now you know that all the food items in the fridge are all yours. You’re the only person living in your apartment, so there is no need to label them out, no one is going to take them. You can’t blame anyone for stealing your food. You’re satisfied that all of your food, chocolates and wine is safe.

Living alone is so much fun when you have all the food to yourself
© yaoyao ma van as

3. No apologize for emotional breakdowns:

As you’re living alone, you owe no apologizes for you random emotional breakdowns. You can throw you phone away when you come to home, you can cry the tears off and there’ll be no one around you to make you feel weird and bad about it later.

Emotional breakdowns
© yaoyao ma van as

4. You can clean on your time:

You don’t need to worry about cleaning, it’s up to you now and you can decide well if you want to be as clean or as messy. You’re at no responsibility of schedules, you can clean your mess on your own time, whenever you want to. Well, except you’re having a visitor, you might want to clean up your mess for them.

Cleaning your house
© yaoyao ma van as

5. Dance like no one’s watching:

When it gets too quiet, you can dance on your favorite song. You can now jam on your favorite songs, no one is going to get in unannounced. You’ve got no worries now, you can get high with your bad self and dance like no one’s watching… because yes no one is actually watching.

Dance like no one is watching
© yaoyao ma van as

6. Being comfortable in your own silence:

You learn to be comfortable around yourself, contented in your own silence. Especially when you feel tired of the world around you, because the world is running so fast. You’ve a choice to shut down yourself and escape to your personal space, there’ll be no one to interrupt your peace.

Comfortable alone
© yaoyao ma van as

7. You learn to embrace yourself:

There are flaws in you but that’s what makes you beautiful. Embrace yourself, don’t let bad thoughts interfere your beautiful world. You are beautiful the way you are. Accept who you are and it will let you enjoy your own presence even more.

Embrace yourself
© yaoyao ma van as

8. You can be you:

You’ve the freedom to be you, you can now discover you passion and obviously, you can follow it without any restrictions. You’re free to hold on to the things that you adore, things that matter to you the most. For instance, colors and more colors

You can be you
© yaoyao ma van as

9. You learn to budget yourself:

Pretty much the best advantage of living alone, you know now how to balance your budget. You know that no one is going to do grocery for you or pay your bills. You know you’ve got to do grocery for yourself, it’s kind of fun though. Finally you learn to keep your finances in order. Welcome maturity!

Budget yourself
© yaoyao ma van as

10. It’s fun to cook for no one but you:

What could be best than cooking your favorite food, you know that no one is going to blame you if you don’t cook it well. You’re on your own to decide what you want to eat. The kitchen is all under your control and you’re the best chef for it.

cooking alone
© yaoyao ma van as

11. The bathroom is all yours:

How annoying it’s to share your bathroom with others, worrying that your roommate can sang in to shower at any time. But when you’re living alone, the bathroom space is all yours. You can spend as much time as you want to relax lying in the bathtub.

taking a bath
© yaoyao ma van as

12. You’re in charge to organize your place:

Whether its super messy or all lined up, it’s completely up to you to organize your place. There’ll be no intrusions and instructions on how you’ve to shape your apartment. You can keep the stuff organized the way you like, you can throw it on the floor, or just organize it somewhere else.

my own world
© yaoyao ma van as

So go girls! It’s the time to be independent, don’t be confined by the boundaries. Break your limits and set yourself free.