15 genius closet hacks for girls that will keep your wardrobe organized

It must be difficult for you to keep your closet organized and to make it looks stunning all at once. Ah! I can feel your struggle girls, always having so much stuff, often difficult to fit it into your closet. You must be looking for the ways to make your wardrobe homogenized and give it an exquisite look. These are the best closet hacks for girls I could suggest right now.

organize your stuff in a better way

All you need is to take a look at this article and of course some of your extra time along with some of your determination.

So here you go, learn some new ways to store your stuff in genius ways. Have fun while reading it!

1. Use your wall-space:

You must not be wasting your extra wall-space, specially when you can use it even in a more creative way. So go girls and use the space beyond your closet to hang your scarfs, hats and other accessories. Moreover, it can make your room look more prettier. Isn’t it girls?

use space
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2. Organize your scarfs on hanger:

Must be having too much scarf collection girls? It must be difficult to arrange them in an organized manner. So girls! You can use the shower curtain rings to arrange them in a perfect way on hangers. The good aspect is that it acquires much less space.

scarfs on hangers

3. Use rods for hanging scarfs on inside of the closet’s door:

You can also use extra space of the closet’s doors to hang your extra scarfs and other stuff. So make a little extra rod space behind the doors in your closet and arrange the scarfs and other stuff on it.

scarf hacks

4. Hang your bras behind the closet door:

The back of your closet will work fine to provide enough space to store your bras, while you can easily hang them there. Well yes! Instead of putting them inside the drawers, arrange them on hangers instead. It’ll help to retain the shape of your acquired secret Victoria collection, as we all know how much fortune we’ve paid for them.

bras hacks
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5. Use shoe boxes as drawer divider:

You can also lineup your lingerie items by making drawer divider out of shoe boxes. Cut the shoe boxes in proper length and width to make compartments. Now you can put your lingerie items in those compartments girls.

lingerie drawer with shoe box

6. Use book rack to store your shoes:

Have an extra or useless book rack? It’s the time to take it out of your storeroom, to use it well in order to display and store your shoes in proper order. It’ll keep your shoe collection tidy and occupy less space as well.  Isn’t it a fabulous way to display your shoes while keeping them in order all together?

shoe rack idea

7. Organize your shoes in vine box:

Isn’t it a coolest idea? Now you’ve a better idea to organize your shoes somewhere else, other than you closet, like in the vine boxes and you can easily store them under your bed.

shoe rack hack

8. Use shower hooks to droop your handbags:

If you’re looking for a classical way to organize your purses and handbags, the shower curtain hooks will work as a bombshell. Use the extra shower curtain hooks to droop your handbags straight into your closet.

handbags hacks

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