Download 247Buddy for PC (Windows & Mac OS X)

In today’s world its hard to find a place and communicate with someone without a fear of getting judged. Everyone needs a certain someone who they can trust even in the toughest moment of life. To give you that comfort, xbsdeset launched an app called 247Buddy. This is a really interesting app where you can chat anonymously. Now you can download 247Buddy for PC & Mac OS X as well. This app is not official available for PC but you can still use it with the help of Android emulator.

247Buddy for PC Mac

You can download 247Buddy for PC running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 & Mac OS X. That means there are countless number of possibilities to run this app on bigger screens. This app offers more then what you could ever imagined. There are many social media apps that let you chat people around the globe without any issue. So, what makes 247Buddy a different and unique app?

This app is solely made for people who are depressed about anything in their lives. If you are facing some issues and want to express your feelings then this app is perfect for you. Even if you want to help listen people’s problem and talk about it with them then do the good deeds in this app.

There are many bugs I faced in this app. The biggest flaw right now is that it keeps getting disconnected. If the developer can solve few bugs in this app, then it can become a best cure for everyone who is facing any sort of issues. You don’t need to sign up in this app. Just download it via Google Play Store and open it. It will give you two options. Listen to someone or express yourself. Chose what you want and just wait for the people to connect with you.

Do good by making other people happy or just share your emotions with anyone without a any fear. This app is interesting and now you can use it on your Smartphones as well. If you want to do something more out of it, then use it on PC as well. To download and use 247Buddy for PC & Mac OS X, then carefully follow the instructions given below.

Download 247Buddy for PC with BlueStacks 3

There are two ways you can download 247Buddy on PC. One of the method is to download its APK and install it manually, the other method is to download it the way you are supposed to do with Play Store. Download BlueStacks 3 at the very beginning. The download link with complete instruction is given below.

BlueStacks 3

Once downloaded, follow the guide given above.

Method 1: –

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now go to “My apps” and click “System app” folder from there.
  3. Now Open “Google Play” from here. It’s the same Google Play Store as you use on your Android devices.
  4. Now search “247Buddy” on Play Store.
  5. Open it and click “install”.
  6. Once installed, open it from “My Apps” portions on your BlueStacks 3.
  7. That’s how you can download 247Buddy for PC on BlueStacks 3 with official method.

Method 2: –

  1. Install BlueStacks 3 on your PC.
  2. Now download 247Buddy APK from any sources. Or use other markets to download its APK on your PC.
  3. Now on BlueStacks 3, go to “My Apps” portion in the home tab.
  4. Click “Install Apk” button that is given at the right bottom corner of BlueStacks 3.
  5. Open that downloaded 247Buddy APK from here.
  6. It will install this game on your PC.
  7. Open this game from “My Apps” when installed.
  8. Now you can enjoy using 247Buddy on your PC with ease.

This guide is for those who want to use it as an app. 247Buddy is also available on Web. Decide what you want. If you have any issues while downloading 247Buddy for PC & Mac OS X, then feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

247Buddy – Google Play Store – Web