5 amazing Halloween costumes you can make from your home!

Halloween is coming soon, and if you don’t have the time and money to buy a costume for those Halloween parties or to go tricker-treating, don’t worry! Here are 5 Halloween costumes you can make from home comfortably without breaking the bank.

The faceless man

Cheap Halloween costumes

This costume is pretty simple, all you need to do is grab a hoodie and any dark pants. Wear normal sneakers and just every-day sort of clothing. Now the cool part comes next.

Place a see-through and dark clothing around your face. Make sure that it presses against your face tightly. This will give you the appearance of a demonic faceless man! The simplicity of this costume is what makes it extremely scary, with your back turned people will think you are just a normal person but when you turn around… You will give them a scare!

The Hitman

Cheap Halloween costumes

Got a suit lying around? A nice red tie? Well I would like to remind you that you have a perfect hitman costume! Get a marker or some cheap paint and paint a toy gun black and holster it on your belt. Now you look like the perfect hitman! And in case anyone bothers you… You can blast water in their face with your water gun!

Crazy killer

Cheap Halloween costumes

Another casual costume that’s easy to put together, just grab any random shirt and paints and then next… Put red food coloring all over yourself! This will give you the appearance of a bloody crazy killer! If you have gel, go ahead and make your hair go super wacky! Even your friends will find your realistic killer costume unnerving…

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Red riding hood

Cheap Halloween costumes

Another extremely easy Halloween costume for the ladies and even some daring guys is… The red riding hood costume. All you need is a small red blanket or cloth to wrap over your head and a simple dress. Next, grab any wooden basket and you’re all done! You can even use the basket to store snacks for your friends! This gives you even further authenticity in terms of your costume.


Cheap Halloween costumes

Ah… The classic ghost costume. Often considered the costume people use when they have a last minute Halloween party to attend or have no preparation… But even this simple costume can be perfected into being a cool one! Take a white bed-sheet, cover yourself in it and cut two holes. Now put on some sunglasses over the eye holes, after that wear any hat lying around. Now you’re a funny and cool ghost! A bit comical and a bit spooky, your friends will love your ghost costume!

Hope you liked these simple and cheap costumes you can make from just items around your house!