5 Essential Things to Always Carry in your handbag

Always be prepared! With the right tools on hand, you can avoid being stuck in a difficult situation.

If you’re anything like me, you prefer to carry all possible and impossible things in your bag on the daily basis. But how often do you actually sit down and sort things out in there? Sometimes, it starts to look like the big black hole in there, doesn’t it?

So, let’s de-clutter and narrow it down to what’s really important and you wouldn’t leave the house without:

Must have #1: Sunglasses

It is one of the essentials. Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your bag. It will not only protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays but also look chic and make a fashion statement. Whether you’re driving or out on a walk, a good pair of sunglasses will come in handy on a sunny day. And don’t forget a lightweight case to keep your shades from being scratched.

Must have #2: Chewing Gum

There’s always gum in my bag. I try to stock up on different flavors, mostly fruity; so I can have a fresh minty breath all day long. If you’re a social and talkative person – fresh breath and clean teeth are a must. You can quickly grab a piece before meeting someone or just after you’ve finished a meal. And it’s a great way to keep you feeling active and refreshed all day long!

Must have #3: Key Cosmetics

No need to lug around a fully stocked makeup case. Just stash a few key items in your bag so you can refresh your face throughout the day. Some essentials that you need are; Mascara, face compact to dab on any time of the day, lipstick/lip-balm – so you can touch up after a meal. A handy concealer, to cover any zits or spots. And lastly, a pack of wipes or blotting paper to soak up excess oil in a flash. You can keep all these items in a small pouch which easily fits in your handbag and makes it travel-friendly.

Must have #4: Hand Sanitizer

I never go out without a mini hand sanitizer in my bag. Even if you think you might not need it, there will always be an instance where you wish you had kept it. You don’t always have access to water and soap, whereas, germs have an access to you anywhere. That’s when a hand sanitizer comes to rescue. It is effective and easy to use. Plus, it won’t even take much space in your bag!

Must have #5: Keys, wallet, phone

These are some of the items which are in everybody’s bag. You can’t leave your house without them. But here’s a trick: In case you lose your phone or wallet, keep a paper in your bag with all the emergency numbers written on it and also your house address. In this day of technology, we rely on our phones so much that if we lose them, we would have no help. Also, try to keep your wallet as organized as you can; which means no useless receipts, bills or wrappers. Make these changes and you will feel like life just got easier!

Here are my two cents on 5 must-haves in your handbag! What are your personal must-haves that you always bring with you wherever you go? Let me know in the comments below! #whatsinmybag