5 Most underrated PC games of summer 2018

Some games that were released in 2018 had gathered rave reviews and a lot of critical acclaim. Yet they still failed to become popular. Here is a list of some of the most underrated games of 2018. Our selection comes from a variety of different genres. We will be focusing on replayability, fun and a few other criteria for our selection. The thing with games is, they are fairly subjective. Yet even so, you will not go wrong deciding to play the games from this selection.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of thieves is a game that came out early in 2018 and garnered a lot of attention in it’s early years. The game though, received a lot of backlash fairly quickly for having pre-mature game mechanics and a big lack of depth. This though, has been quickly being addressed and looked at since the release of the game.

5 Most underrated PC games of summer 2018

The developers are adding some features to game that bring a lot more to do and are quickly fixing existing bugs. Sea of Thieves is now in a place where it is certainly worthwhile to play or revisit. Amazing graphics and a brightly lit / joyful world of pirates awaits you!

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Dead by Daylight

Although this game is no monolith, it is still fairly popular. Yet despite this, Dead by Daylight does make its way on our list of underrated games. The game was very popular on launch but steadily died down yet in recent months it has again started picking up traction as an amazing asymmetrical type game.

5 Most underrated PC games of summer 2018

If you enjoy some light horror with some hunting / surviving game play, this is the game for you! Add this great addition to your list of games.

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Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen not included is a game that was released a while ago and flew under the radar for a lot of gamers. The thing is, that ever since it’s release the game has slowly been building a loyal fan base. This game is a nice strategic 2D base building game in which you have to survive on a foreign planet and it’s harsh conditions. The clever game mechanics as well as the amazing art style really make this game an amazing pass-time. Do give it a try!


Cuphead came out in late 2017 and immediately gathered a lot of attention due to it’s memorable art style as well as amazing animations. The game to this day remains a MUST try game for all gamers out there. If you consider yourself as someone who plays games, then you must play Cuphead!

5 Most underrated PC games of summer 2018

The game is a side-scrolling run and gun type plat-former that was more prevalent in the old days of gaming. Games such as mega-man and Mario. Cuphead does define itself as both difficult and amazing fun, definitely a game that deserves a lot more attention and is worth playing!

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Darkest Dungeon

This game is a nitty gritty horror style game that came out a while ago that had gathered a very large cult following. If you like traditional RPG games but now with amazing art, complex game-play and extremely fun mechanics, this is the game for you! Such games will immediately get you addicted!

5 Most underrated PC games of summer 2018

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging and griping game that will have you playing for hours.

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