5 ways a girl will struggle moving to a third world country

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Yes for sure it’s difficult for everyone to move abroad. It’s not easy leaving your native country behind and moving miles apart to settle in a third world country. The survival is even more challenging for girls as compared to boys. However, there’s two sides to every story, the good and the bad. Living in a third world country also has many advantages, it makes you more cultured, increases your spirituality and you get chance to travel to new places and meet new people. Which is super cool!

Don’t forget people! Moving abroad is an amazing and exhilarating thing! If you have the means to, do it at least once in your life. It’s truly amazing to go to places you’ve never been and it’s worth the difficulties you will face.

Yes, there is a downside to living as a foreigner in some strange country. You’ll definitely face many struggles. Leaving your native country behind, your family and friends, your home and moving to an alien place can be very overwhelming. But keep this in mind, that none of the struggles are something you can’t overcome.

So here I’m writing the major struggles every girl faces while living in a third world country. Especially for your sake girls! If you’re thinking of moving to third world country due to circumstances or any other reason you’ll be more prepared just from a quick read. This article will help you prepare yourself in advance so it’ll be easy for you to deal with many issues.

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The feelings of loneliness

The first problem you’ll probably encounter when you relocate to third world country… is feeling lonely. Girls in particular can be more emotional in this aspect. Once you leave, you’re not moving cities but countries, far away from your family and friends. Moreover, the environment is so new and bizarre, that you will often find it difficult to cope. However, with the passage of time you’ll quickly learn to adjust to your new place.


Here’s the truth, if not now then surely in future, you’re going to miss your home. In this new place you’re going to miss your family and friends back at home. You’ll be looking around in this new and different place for something to anchor you. The solution to this problem is to be social with people and make new friends. However, don’t forget to facetime your friends and family as they give you the strongest support you’ll ever have, even if you’re miles apart from them.

Difference of currencies for cost of living

The first thing you’ll do after moving abroad is to exchange currency. You will change your currency to the local currency. Whether you’re buying some food or clothes or grocery shopping, you’ll need the local currency. You might want to keep track of how your money from back home converts into the local currency. You might find yourself cheated by how the prices of many things do not align with what you would have to pay back home. But while some things will be more expensive, since you are moving to a third world country, something things will also be way cheaper!

Cultural difference

One of the biggest problem that girls face while living in a third world country is the difference in culture and traditions. Every country has its own culture and ways of traditions. As a foreigner, you’re probably not aware of the traditions and cultures of your new country of residence. And it’s pretty likely that you’ll make some very embarrassing mistakes. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of because it takes time to learn about cultural differences when you are newly settled. So just give yourself some time, and make sure to pay attention when a friendly local tells you about common misunderstandings regarding their traditions!

The language barrier

This is perhaps the most obvious difficulty you’ll face while living abroad. You’ll find it difficult to communicate with the locals. You’re going to be always struggling to learn a completely new language to try and overcome the language barrier. But there is no need to worry about it because you’ll get used to it with time, once you’re immersed in their world.

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