8 Worst Movies Ever!

When it comes to declaring whether a movie is “good” or “bad,” there’s no one person who can make that call. Sure, there are celebrated critics—some of whom you may always agree with—but even still, that’s just a matter of opinion. The only fair way to give a movie a general thumbs up or thumbs down is to consider a range of opinions and reviews.

For every movie that enjoys critical and commercial success, there’s a total stinker that flops the box office and gets savaged by critics.

There have been thousands of terrible movies released down the years — some of which can be quite enjoyable in the right setting.

While some movies fall into the ‘so-bad-they’re-good’ category and end up as cult favorites, some are simply downright unwatchable. 

From vanity projects to sordid horror movies, these are the worst films ever made:

1. Jaws: The Revenge

Jaws: The Revenge, which features a Great White Shark following Lorraine Gary’s character from the original film, Ellen Brody, from her home in Amity, New York, to The Bahamas. Why? For revenge, of course! The late and great comic Richard Jeni referred to the plot of the film as, in a word, “stupid.”

Oh, did we not mention that Michael Caine is in this disaster? And also that he couldn’t accept his Oscar for Hannah and Her Sisters because he was stuck working on this film? WOW!

2. One Missed Call

One Missed Call limped its way into the multiplex, a sorry excuse for a horror film loaded with unintentional comedy and terrible special effects, which wound up being the worst-reviewed film of 2008.

A very special mention has to go to the absurd and hilarious CGI baby doll with a cell phone!

3. Disaster Movie

The jokes practically write themselves here. For more than 20 years, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have made a career out of spoofing popular movies and genres.

In between, there was a Disaster Movie, which is arguably their biggest disaster yet.

4. A Thousand Words

The film sees Murphy playing a fast-talking literary agent who, after lying to a spiritual guru, becomes cursed and can only speak as many words as there are leaves left on a Bodhi tree on his property. Yes, it’s all a bit of a stretch and watching Murphy trying to find ways to express himself without using words is a gag that loses its funny pretty quickly.

5. Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler reached the lowest point of his career in 2011, playing both of the insufferable title characters in Jack and Jill. The movie relied almost exclusively on lowest common denominator toilet humor and suffered from a palpable lack of laughs. It was surprising too, given that the film came just a year after Funny People — one of the strongest Sandler films to date

Incredibly though, Jack and Jill made $149m against a $79m budget.

6. Cabin Fever

The original Cabin Fever isn’t a particularly beloved piece of cinema. But it is a cult favorite with a pair of direct-to-video sequels. Nothing about the film warrants a remake, especially a pitifully low-budget one with cheaper special effects than its unimpressive progenitor.

7. United Passions

FIFA vanity project United Passions told the story of football’s governing body through the most rose-tinted of glasses. The film was bankrolled by the body and presented little more than propaganda, coinciding with the corruption case launched against FIFA in 2015. Remarkable timing!

Some of the movies on this list ended up making huge amounts of money. United Passions grossed just $918 during its opening weekend in the US.

8. The Ridiculous Six

When an outlaw raised by Native Americans realizes he has five half-brothers, they all band together to find their dad. What Critics Said: “Thanks for nothing, Netflix,” is what Chicago Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper wrote. TheWrap’s own Debbie Day added that the film is “everything wrong with Hollywood for the past two decades.”

What other awful movies do you hate, or love to hate-watch? Let us know!