9 food that make money-saving cleaning product

Using food items as cleaning products, it may sound like a bizarre idea. But there’re are some food that make surprisingly and money-saving cleaning products. The idea is simple and produces best results.

Some foods have excellent cleaning properties and works really well to keep your house and stuff clean. Of course, it’s safe and cost-free, what else you can wish for to keep your house clean without spending lot of money.

Consuming fruits and vegetables is the best way to keep your body healthy and clean. But as humans, we fail to cope with nature that’s why we don’t have much knowledge about what kind of magical properties the natural food products has.

So, want to try this out? Take a look at the following foods which have the best cleaning properties.

1. Baking soda

It has been used since ages for cleaning proposes. It’s not only expedient in baking, but it also works effectively to combat variety of stains and bad odors. It makes an amazing and effective money-saving cleaning product. Remove dust and grime from all over your house by simply using this amazing product. Just sprinkle some amount of it on the sponge and remove all of the dirt and grime.

2. Lemon

You’ll never throw a left-over half piece of lemon after reading this. Lemon is capable of killing strongest germs, due to the excellent antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of citrus fruits. The acidic properties allow it to easily clean the strongest strains. You can easily get rid of droplets of tea, coffee, grass and mustard strains. You can also use them to clean the chrome fittings like bath and shower taps to leave them glistening clean.

3. Banana peels

Want the shine back on your leather stuff and shoes? There’s no better way to clean them with banana peels. Simply wipe the banana peel over the surface of your leather stuff and shoes. Try this out and you’ll be surprised by the results. It can also help you to keep your silver jewelry ever sparkling. You can also make paste of the banana peels and use it later for cleaning.

4. Onions

Want an easy and effective cleaning of dirty grills? Well! Why don’t you try out onions for them? Cut an onion into half and stab a fork into it. Turn on the grill and glide it along it. Its potent cleaning power promises easy cleaning of grease and grime over the grills.

5. Tea Bags

You must be unaware of the cleaning properties of tea bags. You can now use them to clean and degrease the dishes. Put your dishes in hot water and place some tea bags in it. It’ll help in easy washing and cleaning of the dishes. You can also clean the wooden items and furniture all over your house by using tea. Soak a cloth in cold tea and rub it over the furniture to make them shine.

6. Walnuts

Wooden dining tables often get scratched, now you can make them look new all over again by simply using walnuts. It helps to reduce appearance of the scratches and marks from wood. The natural oil present in walnuts make them to do so.  Rub them over scratches to buff them out and your dining table will look great again.

7. Cucumber

Cut cucumber

Have you got kids at your home? If yes then you must have crayons marks somewhere on walls at you house. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore, cucumber is effective for clearing the crayon marks. Rub the cucumber peels over crayon stains and you’ll easy get rid of them.

8. Potato

There’re food items that can even clean rust, like potato. This is the best way to get rid of rust problem in natural and easy way. Just cut the potato into half and rub the fleshy side over the rust strain. You can also use baking soda with it for making the cleaning easier and effective. Potato contains oxalic acid, which makes it effective in cleaning of rust.

9. Bread

The worst thing to clean up in the entire house is the broken glass. But thanks to the porous and spongy texture of the bread, that makes it helpful in cleaning the shattered glass easily without damaging your hands. Simply dab it over the broken pieces of glass and you’ll be amazed by its awesome cleaning property.

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So above are the 9 foods that make money-saving cleaning products that can be used for easy and effect cleaning.

Well! It’s not the end, there’re plenty of other food products that’ll help you in cleaning process. I’ll write more for you people, so keep visiting our website if you want to know more of them and other easy life hacks for your house.