A guide on how to become successful

A guide on how to become successful
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How is reading an article going to make me successful? That seems to undermine what success is right? If success was so easy to get, then wouldn’t everyone be successful?

If you seems to relate to any of the type of people below, then this may sound silly to you… But please hear me out.

Do you find it hard to get out of bed?

Do you find it hard to get work done on time?

Do you somehow always rush to get something done right before the deadline and do a job that simply isn’t your best? Then afterwards, feelings of guilt will take place in your mind… You make fun of yourself in your head… why am I always so lazy? Why do I always wait until the last minute?

Do you feel as if you don’t have control over your life? As if you’re just in for the ride, without a clue who or what the driver is. Things just seem to happen one after another, and you’re trapped.

This endless battle against….an enemy you don’t understand just drags you down into a pit of exhaustion …until you arrive to this conclusion.

The enemy is myself. I am the problem. I am worthless.

That’s not true.

There is an enemy, but trust me. It isn’t you.

The enemy is…something else entirely.

A guide on how to become successful
Designed by Freepik

Know your enemy

There’s a reason you feel as if you cannot be motivated enough to do work. The reason lies deep inside the workings of a human mind. But let me explain it to you in a simply way.

You’re caught in a routine. In a way of life that you’ve known for far too long to be able to know how to change it.

People have been telling you, even you tell yourself, just work man, just change for the better, just do it! Yet we both know that for you, that doesn’t work. Perhaps it used to work…but now it doesn’t.

So what’s the problem? Why can’t you get motivated enough to work? Well, the reason for why you can’t just get up and do things is because….. Of your history.

The enemy is your past

Now I’m sure this might not sound believable to you. You might think I’m being overdramatic, corny, or even just plain wrong… but please, let me explain.

Let’s break things down.

Take for instance a baker’s son, his strict father has been teaching his son how to bake bread his entire life. The baker’s son wakes up with his father at 7 am every day. They brush their teeth together and then both father and son go into the bakery and work together all day. His father teaches his son how to bake and the ins and outs of baking from a very young age.

At the age of 21 his father dies.

The son mourns his father but after a few months, he takes over the bakery and continues the honest work that his father taught him.

A simple story right? Well there is a few things happening here that give the baker’s son the ability to continue his father’s honest work for the rest of his life.

The baker’s son has learnt his father’s craft his entire life, he knows how to bake bread and sell it, how to socialize with customers and how to work.

He has been Trained.

He has his skills in baking, he has his routine that his father set with him, and he will still get up at 7 am every day. He is most likely well-adjusted and knows how to survive independently for the rest of his life. His father taught him that.

Understanding the truth

Here’s another example, how do you teach a dog a trick? You train them right? You tell them that they get rewarded with a treat when they sit, or lie down. Well, humans are a lot more animalistic than you think. The truth is….we also need to be trained…we need to develop something called habits.

You wanna know what work is? Working isn’t something hard, working isn’t something only smart people do. Working isn’t something difficult either! It’s not something that you simply can’t do because of your uniqueness as a person. Being able to work doesn’t even require this elusive thing people call motivation. Motivation? That’s just an excuse people use when they don’t understand the truth. Talent as well, another thing that’s simply an excuse. Being able to work consistently, being able to become successful is a….Habit.

Work is a habit

The difference between a successful person and someone who isn’t… is that they’ve developed the habit to work. They know very well that there is a reward waiting for them if they work. When things don’t work out for them, they don’t give up…you know why? Because not being rewarded, on some deep level of their subconscious simply doesn’t make sense. If they work hard and nothing comes from it, they think….I just didn’t work hard enough. I missed something, I didn’t do something right, and they improve themselves. They try harder. They grow as people, and this growth never stops…Until they’re happy with how successful they are.

Now the next important question is…

How do I make Work a habit?

Well, let’s first address the reason why working is not a habit for you, the reason is something we previously discussed. It’s just never been a habit for you. Or you lost it. Let’s take brushing teeth for example, if you forget to brush your teeth a lot or sometimes just don’t want to… The reason is because it’s not a habit for you.

Somewhere along the lines, either no one ever made sure you always brushed your teeth, or when you a mischievous young kid, you simply stopped doing it. To rebel against your parent, or any other reason, you decided to stop…and you didn’t get caught. What you did, was break a habit. Ever heard the saying, make good habits? Well. Work is just a good habit that you need to make. People have good habits and bad habits, bad habits would be something like smoking, biting on nails, and other such things. Good habits can be things like, closing the door behind you, placing clothes in the dirty laundry basket or even… working. Something important about habits that you should understand, is that they’re actions you do almost unconsciously every single day. You don’t think about them very hard because…you just always do them, it’s a part of who you are.

Habits are things in your daily routine.

Often times making good habits is hard, and making bad ones is easy. Although this is not always the case, most of the times it’s true.

So how do I start?

Start small

A guide on how to become successful
A guide on how to become successful © ScrollBite

First make a goal. Goals are really important

Whether it’s learning about cooking or studying about something else that’s gonna help you in the future, set a goal.

After you set your goal, set a time of the day you can sit down and work on it free of interruptions. And work on your goal for…..2 minutes

Just 2 minutes! That sounds do-able right? Come on, you can do that, just open up a book and read the first few paragraphs, that’s it!

If you struggle with doing homework for school, just do the first question and stop! Start small.

After 3 days, move that 2 minutes up to 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes of studying, anyone can do that!

Slowly build up, after a week, 10 minutes, after 2 weeks, 20 minutes, until… Without even noticing, within a few months you’ll be studying 1 hour a day.

Do you know how much you would have progressed by then? Those minutes add up, it would be over 40 hours of studying about something, that’s enough to make someone pretty knowledgeable about anything.

What you’re doing, is making a habit, by simply repeating an action, regardless of how long the action is, your body becomes more accepting of it, and then you can slowly increase how long you do that action. It is how the human mind works. And it’s painless.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed. Within a year you’ll be studying over 3 hours a day and becoming a master of your craft, and will reach your dreams in no time. That’s all there is to it.

And I already know you want to do this, you’re reading an article on how to be successful right? You’ve already taken the first big step

You’ve decided to change.

So it starts today. Not tomorrow, but today.

Let’s do it.