Absolver game review

Absolver game review
Absolver game review


The gameplay of absolver is fairly complex, yet the tutorial that begins the game does a fairly good job of explaining all the different things regarding the combat. Absolver is basically a brawler / fighting game. You will come across enemies and using punches and kicks, will try to defeat them. The thing that sets Absolver above other games though, is that attacking moves, combos and such are in-cooperated into a collector-type system. There are 180 different attack moves in the game. You start off with just a few, but can learn attack moves from blocking or dodging enemy attacks that you do not have. That is right. Every single attack an enemy uses that you come across, can be learned. After you learn an attack, you can open up your ‘fighting deck’.

Your fighting deck is basically a list of all the moves you have learned. Some moves can only be performed depending on how you are facing the enemy. And you can also put together strings of attacks to make fast combos. The game itself does a good job of explaining all this, so if sounds complex to you, it’s really not. All you need to understand is that you can use a variety of attacks, like other fighting games.

The world of Absolver

The world of Absolver is also pretty interesting. This world is an open-world sandbox maze like place. You will have to navigate and remember locations in a fairly complex ruined empire. As you traverse the terrain and walk through the many alleys and streets, you will come across other masked enemies. These masked enemies will try to fight you, and you will fight to the death. Each zone has a zone boss. Defeating these bosses will let you progress in the story as well as reward you with attack moves.

An additional element of combat, is the presence of spells. Defeating bosses will reward you with spells, these spells can be used in combat to give you an advantage. Spells range from a heal, knockback, stun and more. Most notable are two spells that let you summon and equip a sword or war gloves. As you progress in the story, you can also have players invade into your world if you are playing in online mode. These players can choose to co-op or fight and kill you. Additional PVP combat can be experienced through the queue system. You can queue for a PVP match, in which you will be placed in a tournament style fighting area and put against another player. Winning rewards you with loot and experience. The core of absolver is PVP and this fighting game style tournament arena is the ‘End game’ of Absolver

Absolver game review


The Best part of Absolver has to do with how good the combat feels, and how well-built the foundations of the game are. In essence, Absolver is a fighting game. How good the combat feels and how the fundamentals of how combat works, these are all very important to the games health. Absolver has a complex fighting system, but at both high and low levels of skill, it feels fun and fair.

Additionally the art style and visuals of Absolver are absolutely stunning. The game looks gorgeous and has a very minimalistic look. Yet the attentional to minute details despite this, really makes the game shine.

One of the underrated pros to the game, is how due to its low poly textures, the game runs fairly well on weaker computers too. The game is fairly optimized, many different machines will be able to run absolver without any problems.

Absolver also has a great net code. What this means is that the game has a really good online connection between players. Lagging and glitching is very annoying, often though, this is not the fault of the internet of the users but rather a very weak net code and server of the game. Absolver seems to have a very good net code, so you will not be suffering through frustrations towards laggy players!


The bad aspects of this game are… Well, not many. One of those is its camera issues. Often near walls and other objects, the camera collision forces very bad and annoying view perspectives. These can sometimes be so distracting, that your focus can slip and cause you to lose a fight.

Another problem with Absolver is the fact that the matchmaking system seems to have no ladder or rating in place. You get placed against random opponents, regardless of skill-level. Besides enhancing your own character, there are no world leaderboards. Just a very barebones queue system, with little to no additional reward for winning consecutively. This is bad for the game as new players might have to face against veteran ones in matchmaking, and they would get disheartened as a result.

Should you buy this game?

Well, let’s first look at the price. The game is only 30$, which is very cheap for a high production game, and Absolver honestly feels like one. Despite having a small development team, the game is clearly world class. So the game is cheap! And it also seems good, I should just buy it right? Well, the game is also complex. If you don’t know anything about how fighting games are, then be warned.

Fighting games are easy and fun to just get into, but very very difficult to master. Absolver has this trait. Getting to a high level can be very difficult, and often new players will find it frustrating to be losing fights against other players… Since they won’t understand the depth and complexity of the combat system unless they take a very close look. If you are someone who plays casually, then maybe this game isn’t for you, however, if you love getting immersed in games and value skill and personal progression, then give Absolver a try.

You can buy Absolver for PC from the link below

Developer: Sloclap
Price: 7,5 €