Absolver tips, how to be a pro

Absolver game review

Absolver, a game of skill

Absolver is essentially a fighting game, and one way to get really good at it is to learn more about how fighting games work. What is a fighting game you ask? Well, maybe you have heard of games like tekken, mortal kombat or street fighter. Games that have a 1v1 brawling mode with multiple different attacking moves are called fighting games.

Absolver also has a system similar to these games. The main focus of the game is its 1v1 3 round battle system. In this, you will fight against another actual player and try to defeat them 3 times and win the match. You are given a lot of different attack moves and techniques to choose from and pick up.

Making your move list or also called a ‘deck’ is important, and using the right abilities can be crucial to winning the match.

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A good deck will lead you to victory

Absolver is a game with a lot of different moves and abilities in it, but which should you pick? Is it okay to just pick random moves or moves based on how cool they look? Well…no.

Picking the right moves and getting them to complement each other is extremely important to being successful in this game. So here is a quick breakdown on what you should be aiming for to make a good deck.

Each move in Absolver is unique, and using a combination of unique moves will be the key to obtaining victory.

The type of moves you should be focusing on are moves with good range, moves that armor break, moves that are fast, moves that are tricky, moves that either make your character jump or duck or even sidestep and finally moves that deal high damage.


Absolver tips

Distance is the key

Attack moves that have a good range and are fast are the best moves to use as starting moves in a combo, because these starting moves will most likely be used to interrupt your opponent during their attacks or as moves to cover distance and land the first hit. Don’t focus on power for your starting moves, speed and range are your only worries as speed and range will ensure that your first move in your combo lands.

Armor-breaking and you

Some moves have a magma effect on them. These moves do very heavy damage to the opponents stamina if blocked and also break through the absorb trait of the khalt class. Why are these important? Well, they are something that you can use while pressuring an opponent to really punish them just for standing and blocking. The best place to put these moves are in the alternative moves section, so you can access them any time. Additionally, these moves become too predictable if put in combos, as your previous attacks will be a big indicator that this move is coming.

Speed of sound

Speed is extremely important, the first two moves of any of your combos in all 4 stances should be quick. Because speed will make sure the opponent does not have enough time to react and dodge or punish you for attacking. Going for big heavy moves might seem good, but speed will always work out for you.

The drunken style

The drunken style moves are all very tricky, and tricky moves will often confuse the opponent and let you get hits in for free. Try to include some quick and confusing drunken style moves into your deck as starters or secondary’s in your combos.

Jump or duck and attack!

Some moves like sweeps or jumping roundhouse kicks will let your character dodge an opponent’s move and attack at the same time! A few sweeps and jumping kicks in your deck as a combo finisher will let you catch fumbling opponents trying to counter attack or dodge.

Absolver tips

Break them apart

Each style of attacks has some moves that do very high damage. These high damaging moves are good moves to use as finishers. Try to get moves that can catch dodges or ducking, as punishing evasive maneuvers with huge damage will easily lead you to victory. 2 or 3 high damaging moves as finishers is a good addition to any deck.

Which spells should I use?

There are a bunch of abilities also in the game, but you can only take 2 with you into the battle arena. Having heal as one is very important. Consider shock-wave as your second ability. Shock-wave is a good spell to use when you are getting overwhelmed with pressure. On maps where with ledges, you can use this spell to knock people off too!


And finally the most important tip is to never give up and keep a calm head. Absolver fights can get very intense and you might find yourself panicking. Don’t worry and don’t give up, just try to dodge or shock-wave and reassess the situation. You will often win just by keeping your cool!

Hope you enjoyed these tips, and happy fighting!