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An origami hobbyist, content writer, designer and website developer, I've been floating around from project to project for a long time. I like to spend all my time working on and studying about android applications. Check out my stuff on Instagram!
Root BlueStacks N

How to Root BlueStacks N [BlueStacks with Android Nougat]

As you already know, Android emulators are so trendy these days. If you are a normal guy who just want to play games or...
Download BlueStacks N Beta for PC

How to download and Install BlueStacks N for PC [BETA VERSION]

There are many things you can do in 2018 like buying cheap phones with good specs, or playing VR games but at this time...
Instagram Last Active Disable

Learn how to disable last active on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social network of current era. From kids to adults, student to teachers, commoners to celebrities, everyone use...
Paint Tower for PC Mac

Download Paint Tower for PC & Mac – Complete Guide

Do you love tower games and a classical puzzle game called Tetris? What if we got to play a tower building game with the...
Silly Sailing for PC Mac

Silly Sailing for PC (Windows & Mac Download Guide)

Silly Sailing is a silliest sailing game you can play right now on your Smartphones. This is a free game powered by Devm Games...
Roller Coaster for PC and Mac

How to download Roller Coaster for PC & Mac OS X

Ketchapp is one of my favorite developers as all of you already know. We got to play new games by them almost every week...
Star Wars Rivals for PC & Mac

Star Wars Rivals for PC & Mac – Download Guide

There is a new game that everyone should know. Star Wars: Rivals is a new action game by Disney. This is a coolest online...
Pukk for PC Mac

Download Pukk for PC (Windows & Mac OS X)

Today we are going to talk about one of the innovative yet strangest game for Smartphones. There is a new game in town called...

Download DC UNCHAINED for PC & Mac OS X

DC UNCHAINED is a new game you should know about. This game is free and powered by FourThirtyThree inc. This is an action game...
Finger Driver for PC & Mac

Download Finger Driver for PC & Mac OS X

Love driving? We got you covered! There’s a new game by Ketchapp called Finger Driver. As usual, you will get to see minimal design...