How to change YouTube theme to dark mode on PC

dark YouTube on PC

YouTube is a best source to for entertainment out there. If you have some issues regarding anything, you can watch its guide on YouTube whether it’s a technical problems or daily life hacks. You can watch and listen to new music and much more in YouTube. Normally everyone who ever used internet in their life knows about YouTube. The good thing is that now you can use YouTube theme easily without any difficult tricks.

YouTube is being used worldwide and that’s because of its many features and best UI design. No matter what’s your internet speed is. It will adjust the video quality according to your internet, so that it may not buffer too much.

I have been using YouTube for a very long time and now I wanted to do something else in it. Something that will make it look all fresh and new for me. Because I have been using it for years and now I need to refresh the way I look at it. So why not change YouTube theme? It’s possible to do so and there are many plugins for different devices that works well to change the theme but they are not trustable.

So how about we let you know about the way to change the theme of YouTube without any plugin? YouTube is secretly working on a new UI design with much more simplicity and better user experience. You get access to it and try out their new UI on your PC. On their new UI design, you can change the theme to white and black as well. So, in order to change YouTube theme on PC without any plugin, follow the instructions given below.

Get access to YouTube new on your PC

They are currently working on the new UI design with lot of new features and a better UI design. Only few people can get access to their new YouTube, so be the first one to use it on your PC. Be kind and send them your feedback about the latest design as well. Now click the below link to open the YouTube new on your PC or Mac.

YouTube New

Now that you have open the link, click “Try it now” button to get access to their latest design. This will directly lead you to their upcoming YouTube design and its best you could use right now without any plugin.

YouTube New

Change YouTube theme to dark mode

Now that you have gotten access to the latest design of YouTube. They are providing two modes. Light mode and dark mode. Light mode is the one you use all the time and dark mode is a latest theme design that you can access right now. To do that, follow the instructions given below.

Access dark mode YouTube with sign-in

If you have a YouTube account, then login to your account before or after accessing the YouTube new on your PC.

dark theme option

Now click the profile icon at the top right corner in YouTube. It will open more options for YouTube. Here you will find an option “Dark Theme: Off”. Click it and it will open another mini menu. From here, you will find a dark theme switch with some basic info. Turn on the switch and see the magic. Now you have the dark theme YouTube on your PC or Mac.

Access dark mode YouTube without sign-in

If you don’t have a YouTube account or you don’t want to sign-in for any reason. Or you are using a random PC and want to use dark YouTube without the hassle of signing in, then follow the instructions given below.

When you opened YouTube new on your browser. Click more options icon that looks like three small dots in the top right corner of YouTube. Click it to open more options. From here you will find an option “Dark Theme: Off”. Click it and then turn on the switch of Dark YouTube.

dark theme on youtube

Dark theme is really a blessing if you are a YouTube maniac. It really helps me save lot of energy at night while watching countless random videos. This is how you can change YouTube theme to dark mode on PC.

How to restore previous (Classic) YouTube?

The good thing about this new YouTube is that they have added an option for you to go back to your classic YouTube if you don’t like or have any issues on their user interference.

restore classic youtube

To go back to classic YouTube, just open more options where you found dark theme. From here you can enable light mode or if you are tired of this new design, then click an option “Restore classic YouTube”. Then you will be able to restore old YouTube. You can go back and forth again and again if you want to.


If you are an Android or iOS user. Or if you have a tablet and you want to use the dark YouTube on your smartphones as well. Then follow the instructions given below.

On Android or iOS or any tablet. Open any browser and open the YouTube New. Now open that page on desktop mode. That will allow you to get access on YouTube new on your Android & iOS. This way you can enjoy dark YouTube on your Smartphones with ease right now.