Crash bandicoot N. sane trilogy review


Crash bandicoot N. sane trilogy review


Crash bandicoot N. sane trilogy for PC and PS4 has arrived! The new crash bandicoot truly shows us how to remaster a game correctly. This contains crash1, crash2, and crash3. It’s shocking to see the wonderful visuals of the new game and the great updates to the musical score.

If you look at your PS1 and PS2 days with rose-tinted goggles than you’re in for a treat, the new crash is just as difficult as the old one you remember! The first two installments have many segments that require frame perfect jumps to land on the edges of platforms to stay alive. One misstep can have you plunging to your death.

Let’s not forget the many monsters and enemies you will face on your way to dealing with crash’s forever nemesis cortex. Sword wielding baddies that will slice you in half, evil plants that will gobble you whole and even wizards casting magical spells! Be careful to avoid the many dangers inside crash or you will surely pay for it with your forever dwindling stock of lives.

All three installments of the original crash trilogy by Naughtydog have been remade, the first crash is arguably the most difficult one, and the most simple. It truly tests your platforming skills, albeit easier than the first game. The highlights of this game is the newly introduced bear-riding segments and the more visually stunning boss fights. The biome diversity will also delight the players, as the first game was mostly just jungles and temples.

The final crash game is considered the easiest one, but also sometimes the most fun one. Water levels and more involved boss fights galore! The addition of more tools and skills that crash can use, like double jump, death spin and The whumpa fruit rocket launcher are also awesome! The level design is also great, although certainly not as challenging as the first two games. If you want a more casual experience that you can finish within two hours and have some stress-free and fun pass time, then jump straight into the third game. Crash Bandicoot Warped is for you, and don’t look back. 

Crash bandicoot N. sane trilogy review

Overall there isn’t anything to complain about visually with all three of the remastered games, but the controls can feel a little wonky at times. Additionally the jumps can feel as if you need to be very precise. In defense of these problems though, it can be said that this was done on purpose, to stay more true to the original crash games. IF you expect something more than just a visual update and a trip down memory lane, this game isn’t for you as the formula and handling of the three games has not changed.


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