Cuphead game – tips and tricks to beating bosses easy

Cuphead is an amazing game. From completely unique visuals that are inspired by old Disney cartoons, comes the expertly animated and smooth game, Cuphead. This game has had a fanatic following since the day it was announced. It boasted an old school cartoon animation look, inside a game! Who doesn’t want to play as a cool cartoon character in the same visual look as their favourite cartoons growing up?

Cuphead tips and tricks

But the thing is… People are quickly finding out that this game is a lot harder than anticipated. Similar to how old school games boasted a high difficulty, beating Cuphead is no joke. The game is crazy difficult. So that’s why, you can find some of the best tips and tricks to beat the game here.

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Remap your keys

For both keyboard and mouse and controller setups, the default controls are a little clunky. You might want to consider going into the options panel and re-binding some of your controls to better buttons. A most noticeable issue is how jump is shift on the keyboard, perhaps spacebar would be a lot better. With controller, rebinding the dash ability and your shoot ability might be a smart move, consider the left and right bumpers for these instead.

At the end of the day though, it’s all up to personal preference, but make sure you are very comfortable with your controls! That extra level of comfort will go a long way into making sure you play at your peak performance.

Power-ups and you

Cuphead has some power-ups available to you to get fairly early on in the game. You can but upgrades from the shop. Upgrades are mainly focused towards 2 things. Your Shooter / weapon type or simple quality of life upgrades called “charms”.

The power-ups you decide to you use are going to really effect how easy or difficult some of the levels are. Having the right type of shooter and charm upgrade will make almost any encounter a lot easier!

If you want to get all the upgrades you should be getting as soon as possible, remember to do the non-boss encounter as coins (Cupheads currency) are mostly only obtainable from run-and-gun levels.

Shooter is key

Through the use of the proper arrangement of shooters, you will find difficult bosses become cake-walks. The shooters you want to buy are –

Spread / Lobber / Charge

Don’t try to go for Chaser or roundabout shot types, as both have some weaknesses that will often make the boss encounters overly difficult.

Why spread?

Spread shot type, is actually a very good defensive shooter. In situations where multiple enemies are chasing you, just swap to the spread shot and quickly cleave them all down before they get the chance to deal damage. Spread does a lot of damage, which makes it an effective weapon in multiple situations. The only big drawback of this shot type is the low range. This weakness can be easily solved by using a high range other shot, and getting used to switching quickly between shooters depending on the situation.

Charge, the shooter that annihilates everything.

The Charge shot type, is a shooter that does very very high damage. This lets you quickly shred bosses and transition between phases within just 10 successful attacks. The best part of the Charge shot though, is the fact that as the shot is charging up, you can just focus your attention on dodging. You only need to worry about aiming to land a single shot once every 3 or 4 seconds.

Pairing the Charge shot with the Spread shot will give you a very very effective load-out. As long as you don’t get greedy with getting every Charge shot off, and switch to the spread shot to take care of quickly approaching enemies, you will find yourself breezing through every boss.

Lobber, the Secret weapon

The Lobber shot is often under-rated in Cuphead, it’s a slow downwards falling weapon. The truth is though, that Lobber does very very high damage. It does the second highest output in damage behind the Charge shot. Lobber is a situational weapon, very suitable for boss fights where the enemy is often always at the bottom of your screen. The dragon fight is one of the encounter where a Lobber / Charge load-out will let you be the most successful.

Cuphead tips and tricks

Cuphead, airplanes, and you

In Cuphead, there are also quite a few encounters where you will fight your way to victory in your trusty airplane. The dynamics of the airplane are quite interesting though. Mastering a few key things will let you breeze through these Airplane encounters.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is… to make sure you use your mini airplane mode effectively. The bonus to speed is very under-estimated. Often times the only way to be able to dodge all the incoming attacks is to quickly go into mini-mode and do some evasive maneuvers.

Additionally use the bombs often, they do more damage than the normal shooter. But beware, they also build your super / ex abilities more slowly. If a particular phase of a boss is something you just can’t get your head around… Then try to just build super / ex for it and rush through the hard phase.


Parrying is fairly under-rated in Cuphead too. But did you know? You can end a boss fight the fastest if you parry often. Try to parry as much as possible, and remember to use your super move often too! Parrying builds one card of super /ex meter, so if you parry often, you will be able to quickly dps a boss down extremely quickly. Remember, damage is king! The more damage you do, the less chance for you to make a mistake and take damage.

Cuphead tips and tricks


For airplane levels, go with the Heart or Twin hearts charm, otherwise always use the Smoke bomb, as the invincibility on your dash will help you a lot. You will be put into situations where there are enemies or projectiles on all sides, the only way to survive this is through dashing through them with the smoke bomb charm.

Hope you enjoyed these simple yet effective tips!