Darkest Dungeon secret tips and tricks

Darkest Dungeon has recently released it’s new DLC content Darkest Dungeon: The Color Of Madness. This new DLC offers a bunch of new and interesting content and lots of people around the world want to give the game a try. Yet this game is known for being extremely difficult… Do you want to know the secret ins and outs of making an extremely strong party? Well, these tricks and tips will leave you amazed!

The Jester will keep you calm and collected

The Jester has the strongest stress reducing ability in the game. The way you want to play this character is spam Battle Ballad or his heal. This will slow down most battles as he is not doing damage, but playing with a good healer like the Vestal and a high damage front line will make up for it! After you get your finale nice and stacked, approximately 2 or 3 turns in, use solo and get to the front line! Next turn you can one hit a mob with finale and secure an easy battle for your team. Finale does an insane amount of damage if built up, it can even ONE HIT bosses with low prot!!!

Try to use stress skill increasing trinkets on this Hero, and perhaps some defensive trinket such as dodge / prot or even stress reduction.

Highwayman secrets

The highway man has 3 very good abilities when used together will make him an insanely effective damage dealer. Duelist advance, point blank shot and Tracking shot. You want to use duelist advance as soon as possible. After doing so, keep using duelist advance till you reach the front most position. When you reach this spot, use point blank shot, it is a very high damage ability that has a 50% extra damage modifier. The riposte buff paired with his self buffs and high damage potential will often kill enemy attackers.

The Highwayman could use acc / damage trinkets to further enhance his deadliness.

Darkest Dungeon secret tips and tricks

Leper, the Dungeon king

The Leper is often underestimated but don’t let his unremarkable appearance fool you into thinking he is a pushover, Revenge is a very good self buff and he can heal / reduce self stress as well as do insane damage to the front line. Hew is one of the highest damaging aoe abilities in the game, it completely decimates the front-line! His basic yet very useful and effective tool-kit makes him a great addition to any party.

Try going for trinkets that add damage and crit on the Leper. Maybe even a prot trinket at times.

Vestal the savior of all

The Vestal is a Hero in Darkest Dungeon regarded as the only real healer. But it is often easy to play her incorrectly or not use her strengths to the best of your abilities. With a ranged stun, and an aoe heal and strong single target heal, she is almost always a default pick against most difficult enemies and bosses. Well, how do you best play her then? You want to mostly just sit back and heal on her actually, occasionally throwing out a stun every now and then, her real strength lies in understanding how to balance her positive and negative quirks / trinkets to your favor…

The Vestal has low dodge, and due to often being in the most back position, will often be targeted for stress inducing abilities. Due to the Vestals low dodge, most stress will stick on her! The Best way to combat this is to play with one stress reducing trinket and trying to remove stress causing bad quirks and having some stress reducing positive quirks. Usually you want one healing increase trinket and one stress reducing trinket on the Vestal.

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Tips for dealing with stress

You know when your hero gets to 100 stress they have a chance to be given an affliction or a virtue right? Well, there are some more things to know about this mechanic. If a hero reaches 200 stress while having a virtue…. they will lose the virtue! But the opposite is ALSO true! If a hero gets to 0 stress after getting an affliction, they will lose the affliction!

Darkest Dungeon secret tips and tricks

This is an important thing to know, as there are a few steps you can take to getting rid of an affliction mid dungeon run! First you want to swap your stress reducing trinkets to the hero with the affliction, so that any further stress they gain is minimal. Then, you will most likely need a bard or crusader due to there strong stress reduction abilities. If you have these two heroes in your party, you’re in luck! Try to quickly finish off the enemies until only one is left. Then stun / tank the damage that enemy dishes out and heal / stress reduce the afflicted party member! Be careful not to do this for over 4 turns though, as the lone enemy can call for reinforcements. Also make sure the enemy you have left alive does NOT have any stress inducing abilities.

More on stress

Another thing you should do is switch out stress reducing campfire spells on all your heroes. When your Hero is afflicted, camp as soon as possible and try to reduce their stress by eating a feast as well as using all stress reduction abilities and buffs on the afflicted hero.

Darkest Dungeon secret tips and tricks

Please keep in mind that attempting to do this is only effective if one of your Heroes is suffering the affliction. If 2 or more are afflicted then… Just try to quickly finish the dungeon or escape haha!

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