Dead by Daylight A Nightmare on Elm Street DLC – how to play a pro Freddy

Dead by Daylight freddy tips

Dead by Daylight is a very popular game that has gained a massive fan and player base as soon as it came out. Dead by daylight is available for PC on steam and consoles. You can choose between playing a killer or being a part of a team of survivors who must sneak and work together to escape from the killer. Playing a survivor is hard but a lot of people say that playing a killer is even harder! Since Dead by Daylight A nightmare on Elm Street DLC expansion pack came out, lots of killer players are trying to figure out how exactly to play the new tricky and cool killer, Freddy!

Well look no more! In this article you will find some amazing tips on how to up your game as an effective killer and wow your friends.

Start from the mechanics

To first be an effective killer, you need to figure out how your killer works. Freddy has a dream state that he inflicts on his victims. After 7 seconds, the victim can then be attacked. Survivors in the dream state always show up on your map, and they need to fail a skill check or be woken by another survivor to come out of it. The best part of dream state is how it slows the survivors down. After you get the dream state on a survivor, you can either wait 7 seconds or chase them to get a hook, or look around for more survivors to inflict the dream state on.

Dead by Daylight freddy tips

If you can get the dream state on 2 or 3 survivors, those survivors will end up wasting a lot of time trying to get out of dream state. So having dream state spread amongst your victims is very helpful. Freddy works best when he is chasing and managing multiple survivors rather than just tunneling one.

Dead by Daylight freddy tips

Track runner Freddy

Freddy is a fast killer, which really lets him multi-manage survivors better than other killers. Leaving a survivor in dream state and wounded will help you set a good bait. That survivor will often try to go towards other survivors to get assistance. This is where you can swoop in and down the survivor and get your dream state on the other one who was helping the one you stabbed.

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Hooking and you

Freddy is not very good at camping. The worst part of Freddy as a killer is that he wastes more time than other killers. Since applying the dream state and waiting 7 seconds can also cause problems in clutch situations. One example is if the exit is open and the survivor is about to open the door. If that survivor does not have dream state already applied, he will get away scot free due to the wait time of the dream state.

Dead by Daylight freddy tips

So it’s best to search for other survivors and trying to get multiple dream states and wounded survivors rather than just focusing on one survivor. The more mobile and the more you search around, the better you will do.

Perks to use on Freddy

A Nurses Calling and Whispers are the best perks to use, just prioritize pulling people into the dream world and injuring them rather than hooking and chasing. These perks will help you in doing that. Your main goal is to cause the survivors to be worried over healing up and snapping out of the dream state, rather than doing gens and destroying totems.

Dead by Daylight freddy tips

Finishing strong

Freddy gets weaker and weaker as a killer the more the game progresses. The more generators the survivors complete, the harder it gets for Freddy to execute his game plan. With the exit open, because of the dream state mechanic… You will be in a situation where you don’t have time to wait 7 seconds!

Dead by Daylight Freddy tips

Hope these tips were helpful, and happy hunting!