Dead by Daylight patch 2.1.0 makes the game fun again

The 2.1.0 Dead by Daylight patch brought many big changes to the game. Dead by Daylight has been known for being on the easy side for survivors which does take away from the enjoyment of the game. Bad Killers will have a rough time trying to track down and kill survivors who are even somewhat experienced. But 2.1.0 changes all of this. With the new patch, things are now more in favor of the killer.

Killer changes and additions

There are many changes coming to Killers. These changes helps the killer get kills and rewards them with more blood points. Firstly, Killer perks were buffed as well as some survivor perks were nerfed. Perks like Bitter Murmur, Brutal Strength, Hangman’s Trick, Predator and more received some quality of life buffs. Additionally Killer pick-up speed was reduced by 1 whole second! The vortex that sucked in survivors into the closet pallet is also now removed. It is a lot easier getting an attack on someone looping with pallets.

Dead by Daylight patch 2.1.0 makes the game fun

The Hag

Lots of little issues with the game were fixed, and the Hag / Trapper killer received almost an entire overhaul, both killers are twice as effective now. The Hag most noticeably is now an extremely viable killer on par with the Nurse. Also faster trap setting and teleport time as well as nicer perk options make her extremely deadly.

A clown comes

The new Killer is also something that adds more to the game. A killer Clown! The clown is both dangerous and fun to play as. Even against! The clown will slow and disorient survivors as well as reduce the effectiveness of window looping. The new clown is a fun reasonable killer that makes the game more balanced.

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The Killers game

The game is more fun when the killers can provide a hard challenge against good survivors. It should feel rewarding to make it out alive. Rather than the game making it easier for the survivors, since the game is a one vs four style game… The balancing should be more in favor of the killer. Four good survivors can completely bully the killer and this should not happen. A good killer fighting four amazing survivors should end up with two kills and two escapes. This is fun because the survivors are pushed into having a greater challenge. Making the game more fun for them. The killer will also have a better time due to getting more kills!

Hope to hear your thoughts in the comment box down below and happy hunting or surviving!