Download Paid Android Apps and Games for free

Paid Android Apps and Games for free
Download Paid Android Apps and Games

There are many things we like on our Smartphones and one of them is having countless apps and games that is available for everyone via Google Play Store. Play Store contains countless apps, games, tools and much more including paid or free ones. There are apps and games that are paid but we really want to download them. The good thing is that now you can Download Paid Android apps & games for free. Yes, this is true but there is twist in it.

This article is not based on illegal ways of doing that. There is a legal and easiest way to download paid Android apps on your Android devices for free. There are many methods to do so but I tested all the things and stuff to find best way possible. You don’t need to root your device, you don’t need high-end device for this guide.

All you need is a simple Android app on your Smartphones. There is a new trend on Google Play Store. Developers are selling their Android apps and games for free for few days to market their apps and that is a good strategy for both sides. You can download their apps for free and they are happy about it.

But how can you do that? Finding such sales are extremely difficult on Google Play Store. There is no category in Play Store for sale. Finding free app on Play Store is like a magic because they will only show you about the sale of the certain app that is available at your region only.

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Luckily there is an app that allow you to see all the sales on Google Play Store for free. That way you can download paid Android apps and games for free. Follow the instructions given below.

Download AppSales from Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store from your Android devices. Search AppSales in it. There will be a first search result “AppSales: Paid Apps Gone Free & On Sale”. This is a full name of that app and it is powered by ts-apps. These are the developers that created Sloth Launcher that we are in love with.

The size of this app is around 16 MB and anyone can download it on their Android phones. On the other hand, you can use their website to get information on apps without downloading their app on Android phones. I recommend you use their Android app and get notified on the spot.

Here is the link in order to download AppSales from Google Play Store:

AppSales: Paid Apps Gone Free & On Sale
AppSales: Paid Apps Gone Free & On Sale

Use AppSales to download paid Android apps for free

appsales for Android

Now that you have downloaded this app, open it in your Android device. Now open it menu and sign in with your Google account. I recommend you do that on the spot. Now on the main menu, you have all the apps and games that are on sale on Google Play Store.

At the main screen of this app, you can see highlights of the app sales from Play Store. It also includes those apps & games that are not entirely free but they are available in discounted prices. Tab “NOW FREE” from the top bar or swipe left two times in order to get there. From there you can get access to all of the apps and games that are gone entirely free for few days.

Open any app & click “Free” button and it will take you to Play Store. Now download and enjoy that app or game. This way you can download paid android apps for free. You can buy the premium version of this app as well that will allow you to remove ads. Premium version also includes more categories in this app that means more info on free apps.

Add apps on Watchlist

From this app, if you like any Android app or game that is not entirely free. Just open that app/game. With the price button, there will be a button with a plus sign on it. Click it and this will add that to your WATCHLIST.

To get access to the apps that you have added on watchlist. Swipe left three times from the main screen of this app.

Pros of this method

You can get paid apps and games for free. It doesn’t take much power or clicks to download paid apps for free as this app offers a neat UI for its users. You can watchlist and wait for the app for its sale. App sales are trend these days, so you will get to see many sales.

Cons of this method

There is one of the biggest flaw of this app. You cannot download the app or game of your choice. You can only download such apps that developers are selling for free officially. Its better then downloading apps from dangerous and violated websites. Respect the app/game developers.

Other methods

There are other ways to download Paid Android Apps & Games for free but they are not so good in some ways. You can download FreeMyApps – Gift Cards & Gemsby FreeMyApps or appKarma Rewards & Gifts Cardsby appKarma from Google Play Store for free.

In these apps, you can download apps, watch videos etc. and get points of it. From those points, you can buy Play Store credits and with that, download paid Android app or game of your desire. This method really works but this is really a hectic way to get paid apps for free.

These are the best possible free and legal methods in order to download paid android apps & games for free. If you know any better one, let us know in the comments below.