Never Lose any of your Notifications – Unnotification for Android

Android has a natural way to fetch and deliver notifications. It has been that way for the part many years but not anymore. Introducing Unnotification for Android

The way it works is it pops up a short temporary notification. Every time you dismiss a notification asking if you want to bring it back.

Does it work?

I have a problem with myself that I like to keep things tidy on my dashboard. While doing so I miss you on most Notifications and sometimes I can’t bring them back. Unnotification helped me alot in that context. I can bring back all my Notifications back to me without a care. Read more and you can too become Care free. Download Unnotification for Android Now!

Unnotification for Android

How to use Unnotification?

After installing it, you open the app and are asked to give it notification access. That’s important to the way the app works. Beside that, the user Interface is pretty clean The main screen is where you can add blacklisted apps, those for which Unnotification won’t pop up.

And there’s a donate button as well as a setting cog where you can set the delay after which the Unnotification disappears. The default is 5 seconds.And if you find the idea of a notification showing up for each dismissal overwhelming and intolerable, then you can disable that and simply set the app to work with the Apps you have selected. Download Unnotification for Android and never miss out on a Notification again.

Unnotification for Android

What Happens when you bring back a Notification?

Whether your Notification is from the temporary message or from the quick settings. You get the notification back under the name of Unnotification, but it shows the icon of the app it belonged to originally. And the message or content is there as well.

Don’t expect to be able to interact with this resurrected notification the same way you would the original. For example, bringing back a dismissed WhatsApp notification doesn’t offer the quick reply option, but the name of the sender, WhatsApp icon, and the messages were intact. Another example is undoing a dismissed screenshot capture notification where the image itself was nowhere to be found, but the icon and text were carried through, as well as the quick actions. However, tapping on Share or Delete didn’t do anything, so the functionality wasn’t there.

There’s obviously a limit to what Unnotification can do, and it’s not exactly like an undo button, but it gets close and it might be less hacky for average users than the notification log option I explained at the top. The app is free and has no ads as far as I can tell. There’s a donate option though in case you want to support the developer.

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Developer: Nasah Apps
Price: Free+