4 Unique Ways to Use the Fingerprint Scanner on Android Device

If you are an Android user, you should feel lucky about it. Because there are many features that can be explored with different apps and most of them are free. This gives you a great advantage. Fingerprint lock is a best-new option that allows you to secure your Smartphone even more. Most of us use the fingerprint scanner to lock and unlock screen but what else it can do? How far can you go with just one feature? If you are interested in this, read the guide given ahead.

Unique ways to use Fingerprint Scanner

Read this guide if your Smartphone has a fingerprint scanner and in running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. You don’t need to worry about the security of your Smartphones and you don’t need to worry about having to use fingerprint scanner again and again. All the apps given below will use the existing registered fingerprint from your settings.

Fingerprint Scanner uses

1: Perform quick actions

Use your fingerprint scanner option as an additional button to open things you like. You can open home, Recent menu, change volume, open notification bar, capture screenshot, lock your screen and even open any desired application.

So how does this work? For this you need to get your hands on a free app called Finger Scanner Gestures. This app is pretty simple. It allows you to replace hard keys over fingerprint. Once installed, you can explore options like what to open if you touch the fingerprint sensor or what to open when you swipe it. Open it and explore this app more and let us know if you are having any issues. You can even try Fingerprint Quick Action app as well.

Finger Scanner Gestures
Finger Scanner Gestures
Developer: TTH Studios
Price: Free+

2: Lock any app

There are many app locker apps that allow you to put a password on any app but it is really annoying to write password each and every time. To avoid that hassle, why not use your fingerprint feature to lock and unlock any app on your Smartphone? That will save time and its more secure. If you need a good lock app that servers multiple purpose then you should download this app called AppLock – Fingerprint. This is not your ordinary app lock application.

Open it, and it will ask you to enable fingerprint lock on the go if you phone supports fingerprint. Now all you need is to select the apps you want to lock. Now each time you or anyone try to unlock that specific app, it won’t let you unlock it unless you use your fingerprint to unlock it. Not just apps, you can even lock Settings of your Smartphone as well. This app offers other useful features like Remote Control lock. Make sure to explore it in your free time. I will give you a whole review about this app in few days.

AppLock - Fingerprint
AppLock - Fingerprint
Developer: SpSoft
Price: Free+

3: Show one picture at a time (Because enough is enough)

The problem with giving someone your phone is that they start using it without your permission. The same issue occurs when you gave them your phone to view a one single photo and they start swiping left right without asking. This is an extremely angry moment but you can’t do something other then snatching your phone back in fury.

Luckily, you can avoid that from happening. For that, download an app called Solo Photo. The name of the app says it all. It allows you to view one photo at a time. You can’t swipe or do anything other than viewing that photo.

To achieve that, you need to download Solo Photo for your Android. Now the UI of this app is minimal. Click add icon and add any photo you want people to view. You can enable fingerprint password for this app from the settings. It will help you to open more and more images without the hassle of typing the password.

Solo Photo - Gallery Privacy
Solo Photo - Gallery Privacy

4: Use a private Journal

All the journals and diaries need privacy from friends. Whenever you gave your Smartphone, you always stay worried because you don’t want them to look into your journal. How can you avoid that? There is an app called Journey.

This app is beautiful to interact with and once you start using it, you can enable the fingerprint password from the settings. There are two ways you can avoid danger. Use fingerprint lock, so that no one can open it but you. If you are okay with anyone to read your journal or diary, then you can still lock it from publishing it on social networks because friends can be dangerous sometimes. Use Journey app and let us know about your thoughts about it.

These are the 4 unique ways you can use fingerprint scanner on your Smartphone phone. Got more clever apps? Feel free to tell us on the comment box below.