Fortnite game – battle royale tips to winning more

Fortnite is a game for PC and consoles that on release generated a lot of hype but many people were not to sold on what it was offering. Fortnite has an overly complex system in terms of game complexity and it seems like a very tough game to master. After the game went free to play though, more and more people started giving the game a try.

Fortnite battle royale tips

What happened next is, Fortnite launched a battle royale mode that suddenly drew the attention of gamers around the world. Why? Well, it’s simple. It’s really fun! Fornite battle royale follows the same sort of formula other battle royale type games follow like ‘H1Z1’ and ‘Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds’.

What is a Battle royale game?

In these type of games, you will drop into a large map with 0 items and will have to quickly scavenge and loot items, materials and weapons to help you survive against the other players. It’s a free for all deathmatch with a scavenging mechanic. An additional thing is that the map slowly becomes more and more closed in due to poisonous gas, and the players will eventually all be funneled into a small spot.

Winning a battle royale is often accompanied by a great sense of accomplishment. You are the only one alive among hundreds of players! That sort of rush is very addicting and lots of gamers love these sorts of games because of this.

How is Fortnite different compared to other Battle royale games?

Fortnite is different from other battle royale type games due to its fun and cartoony art style as well as its additional gameplay mechanic. This new gameplay feature is basically… You can build stuff! Houses, cars, trees, nearly everything is destructible in Fortnite, and if you mine these resources you will gain building materials. These building materials are then used to make your own forts and structures.

Fortnite battle royale tips

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Remember to build!

The first tip is to build often and quickly. If you are out in the open and you are shot from a certain direction, the most important thing you can do after quickly determining where you were shot from is to drop a quick wooden wall giving you cover! Everyone knows cover is really important in shooting games. Even though the wooden wall is destructible, you will be able to obtain the time necessary to spot where the enemy is shooting from and fire back.

You can fly!

Well, not really, you can’t actually fly, but you can do something close to it. Building wooden ramps quickly one after the other will create a ladder leading up to even the heavens. You should use wooden ramps often as a tool for mobility. If the enemy is hiding behind cover on top of a cliff, you can quickly scale the cliff if you want to get closer through the use of ramps. Beware though, a smart enemy player will shoot weak points of your ramp and will cause the entire thing to collapse!

Your guns and you

Getting the right set of guns is key to being successful in Fornite BR (battle royale). At the start of the game, just use whatever you can find but later one after you have stabilized a bit in the earlier game, try to find and loot guns of high quality.

Additionally, you have many slots to put guns on in your quick action bar. The best load-out is an assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle and grenades. An assault rifle is the best weapon for mid ranged battles. Sniper is naturally the king of long ranged shooting.  A good shotgun will usually insta kill enemies in close range. And grenades… Are a lot stronger than you think.

Fortnite battle royale tips

Grenades are OP

Since building and using cover is so prevalent in Fortnite, the number one most useful and direct answer to this excessive cover building is the grenade. Lobbing a well thrown grenade inside a fort or next to an enemy hiding behind a wall will usually kill! Not only that, high quality grades can usually also destroy walls, leave forts broken and even do enough blast damage to injure or kill multiple opponents.

Speaking of grenades…

Although using cover as something to quickly getting your barring’s is good… It’s best not to be too attached to walls and structures in Fortnite. Why you ask? It’s because of grenades. Something that good players do that decimate new players is that as soon as they see a player building a wall , they will lob a grenade near that wall… Often injuring the player trying to seek cover. If you do decide to build cover, try to stay on the move and watch the skies! Try to anticipate the deadly flying grenade that’s incoming, and run!  

Hope these simple tips helped, and wish you the best of luck in your matches!