Fortnite game review

Fortnite review

Fortnite is a game that promises us a lot… You can get Fortnite for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A lot of hype has surrounded the game and whether or not it lives up to the hype, find out in this review.

Fortnites gameplay

Fortnite is a game where you have to both build and survive against zombies. Similar to games like Minecraft, you can break apart nearly everything in Fortnite and use the raw materials gained to make buildings and powerful weapons.

 You have a lot of freedom in regards to how creative you can get with your building and fort design. There are also a lot of systems in play such as leveling up skills, unlocking blueprints to powerful weapons, and collecting allies in the form of survivors.

 You can also team up with other players, and play together. The gameplay itself is pretty fun, shooting zombies and building forts, what more could anyone ask for?


The game has a fairly cartoony style and is very optimized. Even lower end computers will be able to play Fortnite with low settings.

The shooting and killing of zombies feels very satisfying, as the marvels and animations of the game really sell you its wacky and fun experience. The well-lit and beautiful colors that work in harmony with each other in the living, breathing game…Will keep you coming back to it over and over.

Fortnite review


The positives of the game come with its formula. The game really does sell the idea of fort building and surviving against a zombie onslaught. After you prepare your defenses hordes of zombies will attack your fort.

Often times the zombies will come in different types of monstrosities as well. Each having to be dealt with in a different manner. Zombies that can tank a lot more damage and move slower. Zombies that fling projectiles from a distance, and even zombies that can break apart the ground. This adds a healthy layer of complexity to the game and make it feel much more fun to play.

The combat and building elements of the game are amazing, and since the game seems to be marketing its main points on those two factors, you might assume that it should be perfect…but extremely annoying aspects of the game do exists…


There are two main problems with Fortnite the first being the way a core mechanic of the game works… You see, you are often incentivized for playing with friends, and you would assume that playing with friends would be just fine… But it’s not.

Playing solo is actually often more rewarding and fun than playing co-op. The main reasons for this being the fact that you are rewarded for the less you build. That’s right. In a game where the core selling point is the fact that you can build stuff…You’re told not to. You will find yourselves being called noobs, simply for over-building.

Another problem with multiplayer is that the game on co-op becomes far too easy. Since a player can usually kill a zombie with just a few shots from their weapons, multiplayer simply isn’t tuned right at all. Zombie herds do not bring any danger, this creates a lack of tension in co-op. The challenge is not there, and thus the game becomes…boring.   

The second problem

The second main problem with Fortnite is it’s over complex out-of-game systems. There is the blueprint system, the survivor system, the guard system, the weapon systems, the leveling system, the research system, loot boxes and even more. Playing Fortnite will often mean…not playing a game at all. The out of game screen will actually end up taking most of your time, as you manage the game stuffing your face over and over again with micro transactions and a plethora of systems that seem almost completely pointless and add little to the game.

The game is almost like a dungeon attack game, where you spend enormous amounts of downtime and only play the game sparingly within missions. This makes things very tedious. Rather than the immersive open-world experience that was promised… You will find yourself staring at loading bars and loot crates all day instead…

Should you buy the game?

If the idea of a Zombie and building game really appeals to you, and you have enough money to spare on this game, then go for it. Otherwise you would be much better of waiting until the game becomes free to play starting 2018.