How to get Gift Cards and PayPal Cash for free

Free gift cards
Get Gift cards, PayPal cash and much more with your Smartphone

This sounds ridiculous unless you really try hard enough to try something like this. There are countless apps or websites around the web that are giving free Gift Cards or PayPal Cash but almost all of them are suspicious or just fake. When I researched about it, luckily there is one and best way to get Gift Cards, PayPal cash and lots of other things as well. If you are interested on getting free Gift cards and PayPal cash, then keep reading this article ahead.

With this guide, you can get Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Steam, Facebook, Xbox and lot of other Gift cards as well. If you are wondering, whats gift card and how its useful for you? To put it simply, it is a prepaid stored-value money. If you have Facebook gift card, you can use it for your advertisement, If you have Google Play Store or iTunes gift card, then you can buy a game or app. Other than that, you can also earn PayPal cash with this guide.

In order to earn free Gift Cards and PayPal Cash, you need an Android device. There are some applications that we tried and they are worth spending some time. Making money or getting gift cards are not that easy with this guide, but its totally legal and fun in some ways.

How to get Gift Cards and PayPal Cash for free

If you are interested in this, then make sure to try those apps given above.

FreeMyApps - Gift Cards & Gems
FreeMyApps - Gift Cards & Gems

FreeMyApps” is one of the popular and trusted app out there. This app is free and available for everyone around the globe via Google Play Store. It gives you points if you complete the required offers given in this app that includes downloading and trying new apps, games & watching gaming videos. This is all you need to do in order to get Gift Cards and much more from this app. The hard part of this or every other app like this is that you get not so many points on offers, so you need to download many games in order to get a gift card. But its still worth a try.

To use this app, download it from Google Play Store. Now Sign in with your verified Facebook account. Now download latest games, apps, watch videos and use those points to get Gift Cards for Facebook, Xbox, Play Store, iTunes & much more. The amazing thing about this app is that it also allow users to get in-game currencies for your favorite famous games like Clash of Clans. Use this app and tell us your experience about it.

AppNana - Free Gift Cards
AppNana - Free Gift Cards

AppNana” is another famous app on Play Store. This app is free and available for everyone in Google Play Store. Unlike any other app, the UI of this application is just so satisfying. You can download this app from Google Play Store on your Android device for free. Once done, open it and make sure to register it with your email address.

Now on the main screen, open “Get Nanas” category. From here you will find lot of apps and games with offers. Download apps, games and earn nanas aka points for this application. Once you have bunch of nanas, go to “Rewards” category. From here you can buy PayPal Cash with your points like a boss. Other than that, you can earn Amazon Gift Cards, Visa Prepaid Card, Google Play Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Xbox Gift cards and much more. This app also includes points and cash for your favorite games. Do you like this app? Feel free to tell us in the comment box below.

appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards
appKarma Rewards & Gift Cards
Developer: appKarma
Price: Free

appKarma” is also a free Android app that allows you to earn PayPal Cash & Gift Cards for free. This is also a good app with refine UI design. You can also see your profile and achievements in a form of badge as well. This is a fun way to make an interactive application for boring tasks.

Download this application from Google Play Store. Open it and create an account in it with your email address. At the main menu, you will see many offers. Whats interesting about this app is that it offers several type of offers. Use this app daily to earn points aka Karma in this app. Give correct answer to quizzes to earn coins.

Other then that, download and play games or apps that are available in the offers to earn karma points. Once you have earn enough points, tap the “Gift” icon at the top bar of this app. It will open all the rewards that you can get with those Karma points. You can get PayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Gift Cards and much more. Download and try this app and let us know about it in the comment box below.

Which one to download?

Of course you don’t want to waste your time to download and try lots of apps. But to earn something really good, you need to get more then one app on your Smartphones. Because each app provide different and limited offers. You need to see which one is best for your region. So, try these apps completely and then choose which app is best for you.

What to do if you don’t have an Android device?

If you don’t have any Android device, then you can simply use Android emulators on PC or Mac OS X. Android emulators let you run Android OS on PC for free. When it comes to Android emulator, BlueStacks 3 is extremely fast and easy to use for everyone. Read our BlueStacks 3 guide in order to download it on PC & Mac.

In the world of technology, there is always a way for any problem. This was the best result we could find in order to get free PayPal Cash and free Gift Cards. Do you have your own app recommendation? Feel free to tell us in the comment box below.