Google Assistant – 5 secret features you need to know

After the release of the android phone, the Google Pixel, Google did a massive update to their voice activated assistant feature. The Google Assistant will let you do a lot of different things with your phone and some of these features are extremely useful and awesome! Here is a list of 5 secret Google Assistant features you should be using.

Google Assistant secret features

Routine setting

The routine feature lets you set certain actions related to certain key phrases. These phrases include – good morning – I’m leaving – let’s go to work – let’s go home – I’m home – bedtime.

You can make it so that these certain key phrases when said will execute certain actions in your phone such as put the phone on silent, or even adjust the brightness of your phone! Other settings include: adjusting the volume / setting an alarm / telling you the weather and more!

You can also modify the trigger phrase of these routines as well as modify the actions even more!

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Song matching

Often you will hear a song either in the background or on the radio somewhere. You might sometimes immediately love the music and want to add it to your playlist!

Well the Google Assistant now has a song identification function! You will be able to match songs with whatever you hear! All you need to do is say “What is this song?” And Google Assistant will immediately find you the song name!

Receive daily info

There is a subscription system in the amazing Google Assistant. All you need to do is ask it something like “What is the weather like?” And you will recieve a direct response. Then you just need to say “Send this to me daily”. This will send you weather reports daily at your selected time-frame. Other subscription based commands include: stock info, jokes, fun facts and more!

Oh…. What was that thing again?

Do you forget things often? Do you struggle to remember even the simplest of numbers or other such information… Well you could always title and jot them down in a notepad. But Google Assistant is a quicker and easier way to keep certain things stored away!

Don’t worry! Everyone forgets things often but your Google Assistant never will!

Type not talk

All of these features do NOT only require you to say them. You can also type each of these commands in! there is a chat box open in which you can set and ask your Google Assistant all of the things and features above!